Monday, January 6, 2014

Glacier Star Class In Arizona ~ Day 2

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a great day!  There was TONS of progress on the Glacier Star by everyone!!  I would like to share just a few pics with you.

Kelly brought in her two units and just has to join them together.  But she has them ALL done!!  Then  we were all ooooing and ahhhing over her vinyl bags that she made that she did a quick little demo on how to make them.

Then she even gave me one of my very own!!! Squeal... so excited!!!  Stay tuned and you will see a tutorial from compliments of Kelly soon. 

These next two photos aren't of the Glacier Star, but relevant nonetheless.  Above MaryBeth brought in here completed My 2 Baby Sisters quilt top that she finished from the class I taught in August.  I sooooo love it!!  To be honest, I wasn't sure what it was going to be like, but I knew it would be great and it is... very cool.  You can find this pattern by clicking here.

MaryBeth and Kelly brought in their Summer Solstice quilts.  MaryBeth's is done in all Kaffe Fassett and Kelly's all batiks.  Isn't it amazing how two of the same patterns can look sooooo different.  Very cool!! You can find this pattern by clicking here.

Sabrina finished her block!  Loving the very bright colors.

One of Kelly's swatch pages.  I just love the 1930s fabrics!  This is going to be the first Glacier Star that I have seen done in 1930s and I can't wait!!

Sue completed her block and was delighted and I was too.  I love the color combo!  Great job, Sue!

MaryBeth is doing hers in all Asian fabrics.  The fabrics are so rich and elegant and it will go in her bedroom when complete.  I am excited about this one too!

Ginger and Louise both completed their Geese in the Pond.  Two totally different looks, but OH so beautiful!

You can see LOTS more photos by clicking here.

You can purchase the Glacier Star pattern by clicking here.

The next class is in February, so stay tuned for more... they have homework!!

Until Next Time....



Sharon said...

beautiful! I love NY Beauty type blocks.

Michele said...

I always love seeing the color/fabric combos that your students choose to use.

Anonymous said...

I am anxiously awaiting the tutorial for the vinyl bags. the blog!
karen in texas

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