Sunday, November 29, 2009

One Day Left

Hello Everyone,

A friendly reminder so that you don't miss out... the coupon code luvfabric will expire at Midnight November 30! So don't delay, claim 10% off your entire order before then at my online fabric shop. The prices are already low!

You will find beautiful Kaffes, with newly added bolts!

Wonderful 1930's!

But don't forget I also have lots of new Kona Cotton Solids, Izzy and Ivy Patterns, and specialty pre-cut fabrics.

So just click HERE to be whisked away to my shop. Check out the recent additions to my gallery too. They will be sure to give you some quilty inspiration.

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Thursday, November 26, 2009

A Feast For Your Eyes On Thanksgiving... Low Cal!

Hello Everyone,

I wanted to share with you some wonderful creations from some friends of mine around the web.

First up is an Etsy find from The Ponderosa Quilter. She created this beautiful Monkey Wrench Garden Quilt and asked me to quilt it for her.

Isn't the quilt gorgeous? And it is for sale too, just click here to go to her site.

Here is a close up of the vine quilting that I did on the quilt.

Another talented lady is from The Quilted House on Etsy. She made the above ornaments, which are for sale in her shop, with die cut Kaffe circles she purchased from me. I love them and they are a terrific price. She has some other lovely things for sale in her shop that would make wonderful Christmas gifts too. So go check them out by clicking here. She is also running a sale through the end of November, so hurry.

Last up is Jewel of Jewel's Arm Candy Blog. She purchased these bright batik tumbler die cuts from me and is creating a beautiful quilt.

She also purchased the same amount of die cut tumblers, but in muslin. Then she took the scrap selvages that she purchased in a Kaffe scrap bag (also from me) and sewed them to the muslin foundation. Now isn't this just one beautiful quilt?

So go check out these talented ladies! Lots of ideas floating around there on the world wide web. You never know what you will find. Check out my Etsy site and Online Fabric store for more die cuts and pre-cuts to make your own creations as well.

I wish you all a wonderful Thanksgiving!! And I hope that you have lots of terrific family time and low cal, low fat desserts.

Until Next Time...


Monday, November 23, 2009

Quilting Fun At The Beach

Hello Everyone,

Recently I had gone on my yearly quilting retreat with my buddies. I have to say, that these are just the best group of ladies. They are fun and extremely talented!! I love you all!!

Funny thing is that each year our retreat gets longer and longer not by hours but by days. It is great because we get tons accomplished. We go to a wonderful place along the Connecticut Shoreline called the Mercy Center. It is beautiful and serene. We really lucked out with some wonderful November weather this year.

So here are some of the projects that I worked on and completed. First up, my Black and White Challenge quilt. Yes, I will be posting it the the Black and White site too.

Anna, the Wilson pose is for you!

My roomy, Diane and I, had fun playing with the remaining Kaffe half square triangles and came up with this wonderful design. The top is all together now and just needs quilting.

This project I started years ago when I took a Judy Niemeyer class. The Double Wedding ring is all paper pieced!! Great technique. I just need to add the saw tooth borders and the large outer borders. But as you can see, I didn't bring quite enough fabric with me. So I WILL finish it this year!!

This is a bag that I made while there. I had originally purchased a bag from Wanda and loved it. My roomy loved it too and asked what the pattern was. I e-mailed Wanda and it was an Indygo Junction pattern that is no longer published. So what did Diane and I do, we just figured out how to make it on our own!! I love it!

Here is my terrific group of quilting buddies!! Standing right near the beach.

A few more photos of our wonderful setting.

Gorgeous isn't it??

So if you would like to see more of our quilty weekend, I made a slideshow which you can view HERE complete with sound or HERE without sound. Enjoy!!

*** This just in... New Kaffe, Philip Jacobs, and Kona Cottons added to my web store!! Remember to use the code luvfabric to get an extra 10% off!***

Until Next Time...


Friday, November 20, 2009

There's an App For That....

Hello Everyone,

So for all you iPhone junkies, like me and Ms. Zombie, take a look at this really great Quilty App!!

It is the best!! It is a block calculator and "figure outer" all at your finger tips. So many blocks to choose from in so many sizes. But the best is the cutting directions are included!! How cool is that.

The app is available in the iTunes app store for $3.99. That's a steal for what it will do for you. It was made by C & T Publishing. You can check out their blog post about it here. I know you won't regret it!!

In the meantime, check out recently added photos of quilts here and I also added new fabrics to my online store!! Don't forget to use the coupon code luvfabric for your 10% discount. It expires on November 30.

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bead Obsession

Hello Everyone,

You all know that I definitely have a fabric obsession, but what you may not have known was that I just adore beads. Really any kind of bead, for embellishment on a quilt or just to wear. I own many kinds and all colors.

This post, specifically, I wanted to share with you my Troll bead obsession. My hubs purchased a Troll bracelet for me one year for my birthday. For those of you who do not know what they are, they are a bracelet that you add beads to at any time. You can go to their website and see.

I know I am getting wordy, sorry. But I found this great artisan on Etsy. Her name is Traci and she hand makes beads to fit your Troll bracelet. Her Etsy site is called Beads by Traci. The beads are reasonably priced and absolutely gorgeous!! I should know, I have purchased 5 from her, 3 of which she custom made. So here is what my bracelet looks like with her beads adorning it.

In the first photo, you can see Traci's beads, the bright lime dichroic bead on the left, the lime and raspberry bumpy bead in the middle, and the multi colored right in the front (not too clear here).

A nicer picture of the raspberry and lime bumpy bead.

The three beads in the foreground here are all made by Traci. A raspberry one with silver caps with swirls, a raspberry one with ghostly swirls, and the lime one with hammered silver caps.

The one with silvery glitter in it in the foreground is one that she also made. It is multi colored and really compliments the rest of my bracelet well.

Can you tell I like the lime and raspberry color theme? I just love what she has done and will continue to purchase from her in the future. Go check her out and tell her Jackie sent you!!

Until Next Time...


Saturday, November 14, 2009

It's Official!!

Hello Everyone,

First I need to acknowledge all the wonderful ideas that you all had about what to do with my dyed selvages!! You are truly a creative group. Thank you so much!! I am not sure which I will choose, because they are all great. I will be sure to let you know.

Now, for those of you who haven't heard, I have added an ONLINE FABRIC SHOP to my website!! I am so excited about this new venture! I purchased lots of fabric while at market. Here are a few teaser pictures:

Beautiful Kaffes, Philip Jacobs, and Brandon Mably!

Aunt Grace Authentics 1930s Reproductions!

More Kaffe Collective goodness!

More Aunt Grace!

But that is not all, I also carry Kona Cotton Solids, pre-cut fabrics, and patterns from Izzy and Ivy Designs. I am so excited.

I will be continually adding fabric so check back often. But to kick off things, I wanted to share with you a special DISCOUNT!! This discount will be valid through the November 30, 2009 and will be good on your ENTIRE order. ***Take note of my already reasonable prices!***

All you need to do is when you are checking out use the coupon code: luvfabric to receive 10% off your ENTIRE order! WooHoo!! I hope you will enjoy these fabrics as much as I do. So go ahead and spread the word!! Click HERE to go directly to my shop.

In other news, my November newsletter is now available here. And my newest Podcast Episode #7 is also available here.

Until Next Time...


Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Dye Candy Selvage Suggestions, Please???

Hello Everyone,

I am sure that most of you are familiar with Etsy? Well, this year I had been looking for some great hand dyed fabrics and there are tons of people out there on Etsy that sell them. I have purchased from three of them and everything that I have received I have absolutely loved. Very high quality and these ladies take pride in their work.

So one of these individuals, Chris, not only has an Etsy Shop, but a blog called Dye Candy that I follow too. She carries wonderful suede look hand dyed fabrics. I am very happy with mine. Recently she sent me a package, just for me and to my surprise.

It was a box loaded with the selvages of her hand dyed fabrics!!

You cannot believe how delighted I was to receive them. The colors are just gorgeous! Kind of confetti like.

I am loving looking at them so much, the color is just wonderful. A friend of mind suggested to just put them in a glass jar for decoration and so that I can oooh and aaah any time.

But I think that I would like to do something quilty like with them. This is where you all come in... I would love any suggestions that you might have. I am perfectly willing to try a new technique too. So go ahead leave me a comment with your thoughts and suggestions. I would so appreciate any.

Then go over and say hi to my friend Chris and take a look at all her Dye Candy!!

For some more dyed fabric inspiration, check out my other friends, Vicki and Karen. They also have wonderful hand dyed fabrics that would be a perfect addition to any stash!

Of note, I just added a ton of die cut 1930s Aunt Grace to my Etsy Shop... go take a peek.

Next time watch for my monthly newsletter and Episode 7 of my podcast!!

Until Next Time...


Sunday, November 8, 2009

Kaffe HST Quilt... Pieced, Quilted, Bound, and Complete!

Hello Everyone,

As promised, I am back with some Kaffe goodness. If you remember THIS post, I had completed just the top. Well, I am now completely done with this quilt and I just LOVE it!! The color, the design, just everything. So I wanted to share my quilt joy with you. I hope you like it as much as me.

We had a rather sunny day so I took advantage of the good lighting and took the quilt outdoors.

Here is the quilt draped across the deck railing.

A close up of the quilting. I just love the little ribbon inside the feathers. It was fun quilting this quilt.

Another view.

For the backing, I chose Kaffe's Asian Circles. It really just called for this print, as all the colors from the front of the quilt are present.

For the binding, I also chose Asian Circles, just in a different color way.

The binding needed to be darker to set the front of the quilt apart from it.

More of the quilting. You can see in the colors, I just quilted 1/4 inch in from the edge. I think that was all it needed.

The completed top. It will hang in my upper hall, just outside my studio for a while. My hubs asked me not to sell it just yet. But I am not sure that I want to anyway. I think the name of this quilt will remain "Riot of Color". What do you think?

I hope you enjoyed this Kaffe filled post! Next time, I am going to need your suggestions on a new project. I hope you will help! Don't forget to click HERE for more Kaffe goodness.

Until Next Time...


Thursday, November 5, 2009

A Touch of Spring... Revisited

Hello Everyone,

I hope some of you remember this post about my quilt in progress, A Touch of Spring. I had so much fun putting this one together, but had hit a road block. I just got tired of working on the same thing. That must happen to everyone.

Well, recently I was renewed! I decided to finish piecing the rows together to complete the quilt top. Yes, I said complete and I love it!! Here are the photos...

The lower right corner. See how it transitions from raspberry to chocolate?

The upper left corner, again the transition of color.

The lower left corner, just all raspberry.

The upper right corner, just pure yummy chocolate.

The center portion of the quilt. I just loved piecing these together. If you haven't tried paper piecing you really ought to give it a go. This one is a Judy Niemeyer pattern called A Touch of Spring.

But I think I am going to call this one Chocolate Raspberry Truffle. Mainly because this is probably my most favorite candy. Now one of my favorite quilts!!

Even though this was a time consuming quilt, I just love the results and definitely would not hesitate to make another Judy Niemeyer pattern. I also love working with batiks for paper piecing. They really hold a press well and don't shift as much as normal commercial cotton. Now just to get it on my long arm and get it quilted.

Next time, I will show you my quilted and bound Kaffe quilt. I just love it. But in the meantime go HERE for some more quilty inspiration. New customer quilts fresh off the long arm, including Vicki's Candy Button Quilt from Moda Bake Shop!

Until Next Time...

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