Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Garden Walk

Hello Everyone,

The past couple of days have been HOT around here and I love it!! I am one of those people who is not built to live in the cold... but alas it is cold here for about a good 6 months of the year.  

This Memorial Day weekend, the "unofficial" start of the summer, was just the way I like it... HOT!  I took the time to walk around the house and snap some shots of my peonies in bloom.

This peony is slightly pink around the edges and then white and yellow.  

This is one of my favorites, hot pink with a dash of yellow.  

Here is another one with a little bug on the petal.

This is the Festivus Maximus Peony, one of my favorites.  I just love all the petals and the pink, white and yellow.  I think that peonies have to be one of my favorite flowers.

How about you, what is your favorite flower?

Being that it has been hot, the AC has been on in the house and the cats are enjoying a little snuggle on the window seat.

But, the BIG news is that we went out and the car thermometer read...

... 107 degrees Fahrenheit!! Can you believe it?  In actually the temp was about 96 degrees.  

Tomorrow, I am off for my retreat!! I am getting packed and ready to go, so stay tuned for lots of quilty pics coming your way!

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello Everyone,

Whew... What a weekend!  I had tons of fun cutting up TONS of fabric!  Some for me and LOTs for you!

Thank you to all who took advantage of my Memorial Day Sales, there are lots of packages going out today, all around the world.  

What?  You say you didn't know about the sale... we can fix that, just sign up for my E-Newsletter.  See the box over there on the left sidebar?  Yup, the green one to sign up for our newsletter, if you do you will always know when new fabrics arrive and when we have sales!!

Anyway, onto the fabric for me...

I am working on a new design and was sent these batiks to play with...

Lots of great colors and designs.  I cut them into strips and squares and now they are on my design wall.  The quilt is in progress and you won't be able to see it just yet.  You will have to wait for a little while longer.

I loved lining them up nice and neatly for this photo.  Nothing like a little organization when everything else around you is unorganized. 

 Do you feel like that sometime, a little oasis of organization is your happy place?

Only 2 days left until I go on retreat!! Happy dancing and lots of cool things coming up!

Until Next Time...


Monday, May 28, 2012

Final Day

Hello Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day!!

Today is the final day of the weekend sale.  Today's sale is on ALL Art Gallery fabrics.

Modernology Collection
All Art Gallery fabrics have been marked down to $7.95 per yard for today only.

Just Click Here to get started shopping.

Today we remember those who have served and are serving to make the ultimate sacrifice for our freedoms.  

I thank you all!

Until Next Time...


Sunday, May 27, 2012

What Do Kaffe, Philip, and Brandon Have in Common?

Hello Everyone,

They are all on sale today!!

ALL Westminster Fabrics are marked down to $8.25 per yard for today only!!

Just Click Here to start shopping.


Until Next Time...


Saturday, May 26, 2012

It's Black and White

Hello Everyone,

Happy Memorial Day Weekend!!

Because of the holiday weekend, I am celebrating by placing a different fabric collection on sale each day this weekend!!

For today's sale ALL Black and White fabrics are marked down to $7.95 per yard for today only!!

Tomorrow, there will be a different collection on sale, so check back.

To start shopping for Black and White fabrics, just Click Here!


Until Next Time...


Friday, May 25, 2012

Blogger's BOM Month 9

Hello Everyone,

It is that time again!! Are you ready for Block 9 of the Blogger's BOM?

Last month we had these 7 blocks

Then we added Block 8...

Now it is time to grab Block 9!

If you don't follow this blog, Cabbage Quilts, you really need to do so.  Cathy is a fabulously creative individual with a great eye for color and design.

Here she is, not only is she a fabulous quilter, but she has been a great blogging friend of mine for a long time.  She is the sweetest!! And guess what she is our designer for this month's block.

Wait until you see it, you will fall in love!  A great addition to all the other blocks.

Once you have made it don't forget to add it to the Flickr group.  Plus, don't forget to check out all the other great versions in the Flickr group.

To see the entire schedule of the BOM and to grab the older tutorials, just click here or go to my right sidebar and click on the month that you need.

Have fun!!

Until Next Time...


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Feeling Sort of Zen

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday, I showed you the first half of our quilt guild meeting.  Today is the second half.  We had a guest lecturer, Pat Ferguson.  She is an accomplished quilter and Certified Zentangle Teacher.  You say... "Zentangle, what is a Zentangle?"   It is sort of like an organized doodle.  But you can learn more about it at the Zentangle official website.  Just click here.

Pat, not only does the Zentangles on paper, but she now parlays them onto quilts.  This first one is her Zendahlia.

It is totally done with thread, a whole cloth quilt.  Gorgeous isn't it?

This is Pat showing more of the the quilt.  The edge is just as fabulous! 

This is the other side, yes the other side.  It is reversible.  I am in love with the colors.

This is a portion of the other quilt that she brought along.  It too is reversible.  Just mind bloggling.  You can learn more about Pat on her website.

Here is her display board with her mini Zentangle quilts.  These are really doable for anyone... I think.

We each had a little kit and got down to work.  I must say that I found it quite relaxing and easy to do!

This is my finished Zentangle.

Another quilter's version.

And another.

Then we took a group shot...

Aren't the terrific?  It looks like they are all individual quilt blocks.  I loved it so much, I purchased two books and a mini journal to draw my Zentangles.  But there is also a website with Zentangle patterns and how to's... Just click here.

These are the books that I purchased... this one and this one.

This truly was a fun and unique experience.  So keep your eye here for more Zentangles to come!

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Quilt Guild Show and Tell

Hello Everyone,

Last Thursday was quilt guild and I remembered my camera!! So I wanted to share with you some photos of some great quilts that were shown.

Each stone has a sentiment written on it.

A red "T" quilt.

A charity quilt.

This quilt is a FABULOUS Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt that Leslie brought in.  She had the top and sent it off the the Mennonites in PA to be hand quilted and finished.

They did simple stitch in the ditch, but look at these blocks and the connector diamonds!  Amazing!!

This is a true heirloom... Leslie make sure you get it appraised... ;)

A Seasonal Table Runner finished from the workshop that I taught.

A Zig Zag quilt.

Another charity quilt.

A baby quilt.

A jelly roll race quilt.  Love it in black and white.

A Sampler UFO finish!!

Another sampler complete with BIG stitch quilting done with Perle Cotton.

Hope you enjoyed the show and tell.  Come back tomorrow to see the lecturer and the activity we did.

Until Next Time...


Monday, May 21, 2012

Cut and Bagged

Hello Everyone,

In my previous post, I indicated that I am preparing for an upcoming quilting retreat. I am actually prepping a couple of projects to bring along.

Do you remember this blog post

All those fabulous batiks are now cut and ready to sew.

The spikes.

The backgrounds.

The paper foundation units.

All are ready to go!

Then I had to cut the corner units for each block and...

rectangles for the border units.

Everything is neatly tucked into their bags.

A great organizational tool so things don't get mistaken for a different block.  The binder and paper clips, keep everything in order and prevents the fabric from straying.

I can't wait to get started on this project!  I must say that organization is one thing that I love about Judy Niemeyer patterns.

Don't forget that later this week the next Blogger's BOM will be ready.  Make sure to check back.

Until Next Time...

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