Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Batik Inspiration Vol. III

Hello Everyone,

This "inspirational" post is kind of like a two for... I used batiks and my own printed fabric!! So let's get right into it. This is a small quilt, usually I do big, but on this one I was playing.

The process was making my own fabric first. The blocks are made up of a digital photo that I manipulated with Kaleidoscope Kreator. It is a software program that you can use to create kaleidoscope images of any photo you have.

The photo I used was one of water lilies. All of the images were created using the same original photo.

I then printed those images on EQ printable fabric. I used the cotton lawn. It has a very nice hand to it. Then it was onto picking out the batiks. I only used two batiks in this quilt. The pink one for the sashing and the green for the border. They both complimented the fabric photos really well, don't you think?

Here is one of the blocks showing the kaleidoscopic manipulation. Pretty cool, huh?

I even did the cornerstones with the Kaleidoscopes too. This program really allows you to scale the images to whatever size you need.

Here is another of the images manipulated a little differently. I just love the way the batiks work so well with the color. Oh and by the way, the color on the kaleidoscope images was from my inkjet printer! Oh, yes, you probably noticed this is another top that I really need to quilt. This one is a small quilt top, so I really have no excuses.

Hopefully, this post inspires you to use batiks with other types of fabric too! They really do work with any type of fabric. Give it a try!

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Monday, April 26, 2010

Hand Dyed Inspiration Vol II

Hello Everyone,

In my last post, I had indicated I couldn't remember the name of the batik pattern or book it came from. Well, right away my friend Maria e-mailed me. She remembered that I had completed the top at a quilting retreat that we were on and actually posted about it previously here! I guess as I get older, my memory is not as sharp. I digress... Anyway, she also told me the book was Twisted Classics and the pattern name is Diamond Twist!! Yay, thank you Maria.

Yes, I do own the book. But if you would like to you can find it here on Amazon. The quilt is actually the cover quilt done in different colors than mine. What do you think of the different fabrics?

On to the hand dyed inspiration...

This quilt is another one that I made with Cherrywood fabrics. I had made it as a shop sample for the LQS at the time. The pattern was in, I think, McCall's quilting. I don't know which issue but it is at least from 2005. I believe that you could also, at the time, get it as a kit from Cherrywood.

I love the Trip Around the World pattern. In the hand dyes, it just was beautiful. This one is hanging in our house and I just love it!

I wanted to keep the quilting simple. Kind of Amish like simple yet beautiful. Well, at least I think so. I loved doing the feathered heart and the wreaths. In the borders, I kept it simple with radiating lines.

This close up shows the feathered wreath and the radiating lines. There was also some stitch in the ditch. The center part, the Trip Around the World, I did a simple cross hatch. This worked well for the design.

Hopefully you enjoyed this installment of hand dyed inspiration. You can see that the Cherrywood Fabrics really do lend themselves nicely to Amish designs. If you have never tried hand dyed fabrics, definitely give them a try.

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Saturday, April 24, 2010


Hello Everyone,

Today only, you can save 25% off all Windham Storybook VII c.1930 fabric in the shop!!

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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Batik Inspiration Vol. II

Hello Everyone,

I think I am on a roll! I was able to take many of my quilt tops or quilts out and take lots of photos. So in my quest to provide you with more fabric inspiration, this is my second installment of Batik Inspiration... Vol. II.

This next quilt that you will see, I immediately fell in love with when I spied it in a book. Right now the name of the book escapes me. It will be my quest to go through my quilting library and get back to you with the name of the pattern and book.

This quilt uses all batiks. They were a perfect choice for this quilt because they are crisp and wonderful. Batiks really aid in making those points on the stars more accurate.

This photo shows the particular fabric that was my inspiration piece for the entire quilt. When I saw this fabric, I just fell in love with it and had to have it. I think I purchased whatever was on the bolt. I know that you all have had this same feeling at some point or another.

With this fabric and pattern in hand, I set out to find batiks from within my stash and the LQS, at the time, for some batiks that would work well together. I believe that I achieved what I set out to do and am pleased with the results. It was a fun one to make. However, I must confess that I completed this top about 4 years ago. Another that is calling out for me to quilt soon!!

One of my favorite things about this quilt is the "wonkiness" of the stars. I just love how they twist and turn. The inspiration fabric worked well in the centers of each star as well as on the border. I still have plenty and think that I will use it for the backing.

I hope this second installment on batiks is convincing some of you that batiks are wonderful to work with. They truly are saturated through and through with color. Another blogging friend, Wanda, of Exuberant Color also uses batiks. Please visit her for more affirmation about the use of batiks. Definitely give them a try, you will love them!

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Monday, April 19, 2010

Hand Dyed Inspiration

Hello Everyone,

After lots of your suggestions, I have decided to definitely do an ongoing series of quilts that I have made from specific fabric inspirations of mine. The last post was about a batik quilt. There will be more on batik fabrics in future posts. This one is on hand dyed fabrics. There will be several posts on hand dyed fabrics as well.

I know that many of us love hand dyed fabrics and I am one of them!! I have a bit of a stash that is just hand dyes. I find them very versatile and just plain quite beautiful.

Many of you may remember this quilt which I posted about in 2008. It is a quilt that I had made for my father 2 years ago for his 75th birthday. I really wanted to revisit this one as it is one of my favorites, his too.

I used Cherrywood Hand Dyed fabrics. They really have a suede look to them. I also used their variegated thread to match. It was just the perfect thread to use for the quilting.

The pattern I used is called Garden Terrace by Berkshire Quilts. One of the reasons I picked it was because I felt it was more "manly" than others. The appeal would be greater to my dad.

The colors of the Cherrywoods were chosen for several reasons. They seemed to be more of a Southwestern palette to me and would fit very well in their home in AZ where they winter.

It really does seem to fit well in their home and he loves having it and using it daily.

The quilting designs I chose to use were different from one another, slightly on the modern side, but simple enough to fit the overall feel of the quilt.

I absolutely love the outcome of this quilt and hope to one day make a similar one for myself. So, have you used hand dyed fabric? If so, I would love to see what you have done!!

At this point, I wanted to provide several sources that I enjoy for hand dyed fabric:
If you choose to make a purchase from any of these sources, I know you will be more than happy!!

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Friday, April 16, 2010

Batik Inspiration

Hello Everyone,

First I want to say that I am still reading all your comments from the last post! Thank you so much for all your wonderful suggestions. Some of them I am already working on as I sit here. They are all terrific, every one! If you want to be inspired go back and check some of them out and don't forget to leave your own comment there to be entered in the giveaway, it is open through April 30th.

So many people asked for me to show what inspires me and things that I am working on. This one fits both of those categories. I love to work with batiks because they have such terrific color. Also, they are crisp and clean to piece and press.

This quilt top is one that I completed, I think, in 2004. Yes, I said top. I can't believe that I haven't quilted it yet! Soon though!

I love the bright and bold colors of these batiks I used in this top. The pattern is from Glad Creations and is called Simply Fun!

It was truly that!! Because it was such a gorgeous day here, I took it outside for the photo shoot. The colors really show up nicely in the bright sunshine. It is a rather large quilt, mostly likely a double or queen size.

I really love how the stars float. The border is made up of nine patches and log cabin blocks. Now that I have dug it out of the closet, it makes me anxious to quilt it. The backing is even complete!

Do batiks inspire you? My profile picture is also a batik quilt made from a Judy Niemeyer pattern, 4th of July. Batiks are fabulous for paper piecing! If you haven't tried working with batiks you really should. The variation in colors really adds more interest into a quilt.

This will be the beginning of a series of posts about specific fabrics that inspire me! I hope you will enjoy!

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I'm In a Bind and Could Use Your Help

Hello Everyone,

Yes, these are actual binding for quilts that I have already bound. They are leftover. I keep them because you never know when you could use those pre-cut strips. But anyway, onto why I am in a bind....

My dilemma is that I just posted my 12th Podcast!! I can't believe it has been a whole year since I began Podcasting. This is a wonderful episode too. It is the sequel to Karen Griska's first interview in Episode 11. She also has a surprise on the podcast too. You can listen to it here or grab it from iTunes!

But any who... onto why I need your help...

I am celebrating my 12th podcast and would like to share my good fortune with all my listeners of my Podcast and readers of my blog. You ask how???

Well I am going to do a giveaway!! Two lucky winners will win 12 fat quarters of their choice from the fabric that is in my shop!! How cool is that??

So all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, give me any suggestions that you might have for future podcasts and also future blog posts, if you like. Also, if you are already a listener or reader, tell me what you like best about my podcasts or blog.

There must be a way for me to get in touch with you! Please leave an e-mail if you don't have a blog or other way to be contacted. It is open to everyone! I will leave this contest open until the end of April. I know that is a long time, but I would love for all of you to have the opportunity to listen to an episode or 2.

So on May 1 me and Mr. Random Number generator will draw 2 winners.

Please feel free to blog about this giveaway too! The more the merrier! Most of all thank you to all who listen to me and read my blog regularly! I truly appreciate you and the inspiration that you give!

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Sunday, April 11, 2010

New African Stash

Hello Everyone,

As promised, I have some more African stash. But this is brandie new to me courtesy of Evelyn. Evelyn saw my post about the African fabric that I picked up in Lancaster and she sent me an e-mail asking if I would like this wonderful little bundle of African Fabric goodness.

Of course, I said yes!! She was really speedy too. I received it just 2 days later. Thank you, Evelyn!!

Aren't they gorgeous? All different prints, different sizes, and wonderful color!

They will be put to good use in the project that I am planning for my husband. You can see that in this post. Even though these are new additions to the African fabric stash, I have many more that I am planning to show you over the next few weeks.

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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Please Join Me

Hello Everyone,

Please join me for a Saturday Sales Blitz... On sale today in my shop, all Art Gallery Fabrics are 20% off!!

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Friday, April 9, 2010

The Caravan is Here!!

Hello Everyone,

I bet you all remember this post. I was in search of an out of print book that wasn't going to cost me an arm and a leg! Lots of great suggestions but nothing panned out.

Then along came Marian from the U.K.!! She sent me a private e-mail saying she had the book and would be willing to send it to me NO strings attached. How gracious and kind of her. Thank you so much Marian!! All I have to say is watch your mailbox!

Well it arrived this week!! I am so ecstatic!

Not only is the book in pristine condition, but she sent two packages of Cadbury bunnies. You will notice only one in the picture. The first one barely made it out of the envelope. Yum!

After leafing through the book, I may be persuaded to make the Beaded Curtain Quilt first. I first saw this on Wanda's blog. I enjoyed watching her progress and loved the quilt. You can see her quilt here.

A simple design with lots of impact. We all know that I have tons of Kaffe fabric that will work just great. Now I just added another project to my long list of projects. But this gives me lots to look forward to throughout the years.

So, how many projects do you have on your list??

Until Next Time...


Thursday, April 8, 2010

I Am So Excited!!!

Hello Everyone,

The June/July 2010 Quilt Magazine is here! And I am so excited about it for many reasons. First look at that beautiful Kaffe quilt on the cover. How can you resist??

But there is a little story here, about 1 month ago Lisa Ruble, Managing Editor, phoned me and asked if she could interview me for a little feature article!! I was tickled, and of course I said yes. She was wonderful to speak with and super nice. Thank you Lisa for this terrific opportunity!

Here you can see the article. Each issue they feature quilt shops and online retailers and I was one... Yippee!

The other reason I am pleased with this issue is my newest ad. Check it out!

So if you all would like your own copy, I have 8 available in my shop! You can find it by clicking HERE. There are some super patterns in this issue too!

(just a side note... if all you order is the magazine the shipping will be less than calculated when checking out and you will be refunded... so no worries)

Also, tons of New Arrivals, Kaffe woven stripes, Roman Glass, Paperweight, Brandon Mably, Kona Roll ups, and charm packs are in too!!

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Tuesday, April 6, 2010

This is What Started it All

Hello Everyone,

So the other day I did a post about the loot that I picked up at the AQS show and that really sparked some wonderful comments and e-mails. I decided it really deserved some more attention.

As you are all now aware, I have a "secret" collection/stash of authentic African fabrics. I totally and utterly blame my husband for this. You see in 2005 he took a trip to Tanzania to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with my brother and some friends. He was gone for two weeks, and knowing my love for fabric, he purchased the fabrics in the picture below for me!

I don't know what it was about these fabrics, was it that hubby had just been thinking of me, was it the beautiful color and design? I am not sure. But it was love at first site.

You can see on the selvage of this beautiful purple and red print that it is an authentic wax print from Tanzania.

This yellow, black and green print is just beautiful, but I couldn't find any imprint on the selvage. He did bring back about 3 yards of each. Plenty to distribute amongst many quilts or simply to use on a back.

Many of you have asked what I will do with the African fabrics. I have 2 books.

This first book offers tons of inspiration and design possibilities. A great book for reference.

This second book has some great projects to put any ethnic fabric to use. I would say that mostly she has African and Asian fabrics highlighted in this book.

However, the pattern below is the one that I am going to make for my hubby. Hopefully it will be a Christmas present for him... this year! It is called African Coins. The author also had been on Simply Quilts when it was on HGTV. There is still information on there website about her visit. There is also directions to make this quilt as well as an Australian Version! Just click HERE.

I really love the design. The coin quilt design has always been a favorite of mine and this quilt has a little twist to it. The sashing is beautifully designed and the fact that the size of the coin columns vary, just adds more interest.

This post is just a sneak peek into my African fabric stash. I promise you I will show you more in the weeks to come. I really find each and every piece I have unique, and hope that you will too.

My April, 2010 Newsletter is available online for your perusal. Lots of great info! Just click HERE to read.

Until Next Time...

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