Monday, July 29, 2013

That Extra Day....

Hello Everyone,

The retreat officially ended yesterday, but there were a few stragglers that are staying until today!  That would include me, my buddy Ginny, and my new Canadian friends Roger and Ardelle Kerr.

So yesterday, we did a little bit of several things....

Ardelle had stayed up late on Saturday night to finish her Mariner's Compass Quilt.  Like her husband Roger's Feathered Star, she used a combination of silks and cottons.  

I love the colors that she chose too.  Totally something I wouldn't have picked, but I am in LOVE with it!!  Gorgeous!

Here is a close up of the center.  You can see a mix of some cotton fabrics here.  They add a slight bit of texture.

The guys holding the quilt in the natural light outside so we can get a good photo.  That is my hubby on the left and Ardelle's on the right.

Then the girls took a ride over to see our friend, Vicki Ibison.  Some of you may know her by reading about her in the last issue of Machine Quilting Unlimited.  She is an extremely talented machine quilter and has won many awards!

When we walked in my eyes went directly to this Kaffe quilt that one of her customers had dropped off for quilting.  As you know I just love Kaffe fabrics and quilts and this one was no exception.

Vicki was kind enough to share with us some of her quilting secrets and we learned a lot!  She was quilting the Bali Wedding Star that you see on her machine and it is turning out wonderfully!

She also showed us some of her doodlings and how she goes about creating various kinds of feathers.  Very interesting and gives me a whole new perspective on quilting my quilts.

Then after our visit with Vicki, we went back to get some more sewing in....

And I was able to get all these units complete for my Arizona Cactus Quilt.  You can find the pattern and kit in my online shop by clicking here.

Roger and Ardelle both worked on...

Geese at My Wedding Table Runner.  They used a combination of Kona Solids and Silks.  I just love this color combo.

My friend Ginny worked more on her Captain's Wheel.  It is just turning our stunning.  Choosing red, white, and blue for the colors was genius.

Today we are heading back home and will have lots less uninterrupted sewing time.  It was great to have a week dedicated to our projects and feeling a great sense of accomplishment.

But best yet, we made some great new friends!!

If you would like to see photos from the whole week, just click here.

Until Next Time...


Sunday, July 28, 2013

Day 6... The Finish....

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was the "Official" last day of the Certified Shop retreat!  A great time was had by all and we all made some new friends and had fun with old friends too. 

Even though it was the "Official" last day we are still here for another day and a half and there is going to be some more sewing going on... Yippee!!

For now, I want to share some of the events of yesterday...

First, I am just ECSTATIC!!! I finished my Queen Size Feathered Star and I just couldn't be more pleased.  I adore this quilt and would make it all over again in a heart beat!!!

But the best part is that you will all be able to make this too, if you like.  I will be kitting this up just like this in my online store.  There have been many requests for it on Facebook and we will make that happen.... I will keep you up to date on the status.

The start of the day you could find Roger and I joining our Feathered star segments together. It was nice to have someone else there making the same quilt.  The difference is he made his from Radiance fabrics, a blend of silk and cotton and mine is all from batiks.

So we decided to do something fun and see what our segments would look like together.  Actually not too bad... What do you think?

Everyday was gorgeous here in Montana and we took advantage of it eating on the deck everyday.  We had hummingbirds visiting us while we were eating.  

This photo is just too funny not to share, Denise and I were helping Roger (who is way taller than either of us) put his quilt up on the wall.  My arm doesn't even reach 2 inches above his shoulder... LOL.

My pal Ginny was having a moment... She was definitely doing a happy dance!

Denise made great strides with her My 2 Baby Sisters.  LOVE the colors!

Roger's quilt... just breathtaking....!!!

Twin Feathered Stars. They look lovely together, don't you think?  This was a great little photo shoot.

Carol's Mariner's Compass with the feathers added.  It is turning out just gorgeous!

Ginny finally has the design wall to herself now that my quilt is down and she had no problem filling it up.  Her Captain's Wheel looks just gorgeous!!

Sally was busy adding the ropes.  I love the yellow it adds so much!

Lauren moved her quilt into the main room and the lighting is so much better.  Love how it is turning out!

Ardelle has half of her Mariner's Compass all quilted!  She is also doing her quilt out of a combination of Radiance and cotton fabrics.  I really am loving this color way!!

And yes, I couldn't help myself... 

I started a new project!  

To see more photos from the retreat (LOTS more photos), just click here.

Until Next Time...


Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 5...

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a very productive day and another gorgeous day in Montana.  I swear that Judy ordered this weather up for all of her Certified Shops. Thank you!  

I took TONS of photos yesterday and added them to the album here, but had a difficult time choosing which ones to put in this blog post.  So here are the ones I chose.

Ardelle and Roger Kerr gave us all a fantastic quilt show over the balcony of the house.  This Cactus Rose quilt that Ardelle made just blows me away.  I LOVE it!!  

Judy did many demos and talks today.  Here she is demoing her Wedding Ring technique.  As you can see we hang on her every word.

Roger and I are so CLOSE to completing our Feathered stars.  This one is his.  When I left last night I still had enough to keep me busy today, but I have a feeling that Roger will not go to sleep until his is complete.

Judy going over kitting, fabric selections, color, etc.  Don't you just love all these fabrics in one place!

Ahhhh... the draw back of paper piecing... You have to remove the paper!

Ardelle and Roger's walls.  They are looking great!

Here is where I stopped for the night.  I have almost 4 corners done.  I just have to join a few more pieces and then we are ready for the happy dance!

Sally's scrumptious purple/jewel tone Mariner's Compass.

Carol's Fall Foliage Mariner's Compass.

My buddy Denise... an over achiever working on multiple quilts at one time.  They are fabulous, Denise... hurry though and finish it up!

Shahena, working on her ropes for the Mariner's Compass.  Loving the colors here.

My best buddy and partner in crime, Ginny is still working hard on her Captain's Wheel.  What is taking you so long Ginny?  Oh wait... that is right, no directions!  LOL!

And look what I spied just across the street from us and perched on a tree by the lake... an Osprey.  Beautiful! 

I know my goal was to get my quilt done today, but I am almost there... So stay tuned!  In the meantime, check out the photos here... 

Until Next Time...


Friday, July 26, 2013

Day 4....

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a great Day 4!  We all got TONS done and stayed quite focused!  I have lots of photos to share here and in my album here.

Let's get to it...

My friend Ginny has been working on this wonderful red, white and blue version of the Captain's Wheel.  It is turning out just gorgeous. I can't wait to see the finished quilt.

This beautiful purple version of the Mariner's Compass, Sally has been working on diligently all week. I really adore the jewel tones she is using.

As for me, I finished piecing the borders on this Feathered Star. And YES, I have begun joining the pieces together to make the quilt.  My goal is to have a quilt top by the end of the day... Do you think I can do it?  Stay tuned until tomorrow to find out!

Roger is helping his wife Ardelle pin her Mariner's Compass to the wall.  I really like the beachy tones and colors in this quilt.

Shahena has begun adding her sails and ropes.  This quilt is coming along nicely and will be a stunner when she is done.

Can you believe it, Peggy and Denise have this gorgeous Mocha Mariner's Compass almost done.  It was a productive day all in all...  So what happens at the end of the day at a Certified Shop retreat?

The hosts Del and Judy Niemeyer make awesome Margaritas for whomever would like some.   Oh and one more thing... My friend Ginny didn't know this about her pattern....

LOL... (not really true, but it seemed that way to her today)  


To see LOTS more photos from yesterday, just click here...

Until Next Time...


Thursday, July 25, 2013

3rd Day...

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was the third day of our Certified Shop Retreat and boy are we all making progress.  Along with making progress we are all getting to know one another and making new friends too.  This is just one of the benefits to going on a retreat!!!

I was able to get the body of the my Feathered Star done now I need to move onto the borders.

The borders are going to be spikes and I am taking all the colors from the inside and moving them around the quilt!  Here you can see me auditioning the flow or arrangement of the colors.

Here is the body of the quilt with all the feathers complete.

Ardelle has been working very hard on her Mariner's Compass and has made great progress.  I love the color palette that she is using.

Her husband Roger is also making the Feathered Star and is making progress, but he is working from the outside in and I am working from the inside out.  It is funny that ours actually are going to turn out similar and we didn't even know each other before this retreat!!

Judy was teaching us a new technique.  I can't wait to teach this one!

My buddy Ginny has been working hard on her red, white and blue Captain's Wheel.  This is going to be beautiful!!

Sally has this gorgeous version of the Mariner's Compass, love the purples.

My friend Denise has to pick up speed on this one... LOL!  Hurry Denise, hurry!  But really, she has also been working on this with Peggy...

... a gorgeous version of the Mariner's Compass in browns, blacks, and creams.

This is where I ended my night.  I think I made good progress today and I am very pleased with the outcome thus far.  I am super excited to continue working on the border tomorrow morning.  This quilt is really making me happy!!

If you would like to see more pics from the retreat, just click here.

Until Next Time...

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