Thursday, May 30, 2013

Sewing on Wednesday

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was open sew or Wind It Up Wednesday at my studio classroom.  People register online and then come and sit and sew on whatever project they are working on for the whole day.  It is tons of fun and inspirational to see what everyone is working on at the time.

Let's take a little tour of what some of the ladies brought along with with yesterday.

Kaffe goodness in zig zag formation.

Such a cute applique quilt that Deb made for her granddaughter.

Beautiful Cherrywood fabric goodness that Caroline brought to play.

Leslie brought this t-shirt quilt that she made for a gift.

Quilts of Valor blocks.

Dress up dolls... super cute!

The design wall on one side... see my stars?

Beautiful applique on the other side.

Beautiful teal and tourquoise.

A beautiful BOM that Leslie did through my online shop.  This still can be found on my site as a complete kit in the clearance section!! Just click here to find it.

Everyone busy working.

Deb made her first pillowcase ever!

Roberta's ring toss quilt... LOVE!

My 2 Baby Sisters quilt being joined together.  Find the pattern and the kit by clicking here.

It was a great day!!

Until Next Time...


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Great Day for a Wedding

Hello Everyone,

On Sunday we spent the day in Pennsylvania at our Niece's wedding.  It was a gloriously beautiful day!  Perfect for a wedding!

Here is our beautiful niece!  She and her hubby were married outside and everything was blooming, a simply perfect backdrop for the wedding.  Doesn't she look radiant?

Wishing the happy couple many, many years of happiness!!

Until Next Time....


Friday, May 24, 2013

A Slow Day

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a bit of a slow day for sewing for me.  I spent most of the day clothes shopping with my daughter for her new summer job!  Very, very excited for her!!

Anyway, before she woke up I filled orders from my online shop and then I was able to only piece two stars together.

Here is the large star.

Here is the little star.

The back of the large.  The last seam I press open.  However, you can also do a little "tweak" in the middle and spin the seams.  But on this star, I prefer to open the seams as it lays a little flatter for me.

But before I can sew the stars together, I must remove the paper from each unit.  Each star has 8 units like the one above.  Then sew them together in pairs to join.

And this is the result!  A little and a big!  Cute aren't they? 

Stay tuned for more... I hope to get a few done tomorrow.

Until Next Time....


Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Oh... My Little Pretties!!

Hello Everyone,

YeeHaw!!!  Got all my little stars done and I couldn't be more smitten.  I just love the combo of Kaffe Fassett fabric and black and white.  EEEKKKK... I could just scream!

They look so pretty all lined up, don't they?  But of course, I couldn't leave them that way... up on the design wall they had to go!

A little peek... doesn't the color just POP on the black and white?   

A little more... now you are getting more of the picture.  I love some of the randomness of the black and white fabrics.  I did that purposely and really glad that I did!

Here it is as a whole.  Now what is left to do is sew the stars together, then piece the border.  Wait until you see what the border will look like... all I can say is POW!

You can find the pattern in my shop by clicking here, the fabrics by clicking here and here.  Oh... yes I will be kitting this too!

Until Next Time...


Sunday, May 19, 2013

I LOVE Progress!

Hello Everyone,

One of the things that I ADORE the most about teaching is seeing progress!  I am a huge fan of seeing progress photos and taking them along the way.  But as we are getting closer to the completion of the classes, this is when I get beyond excited.

Let me share with you some of the photos from yesterday's Mariner's Compass TOM...

Nancy was auditioning some background fabrics.  We think the turquoise on the right is correct choice not the lavender... your thoughts?

Shirley has most of her inner ropes completed!  It is really starting to shape up.

Love the choice of the lime greens for the inner rope.  Don't you think so too?

Look I even have a couple units made for my Mariner's Compass Queen Extension.  Soon this will finally be complete too!  

I just LOVE progress!  How about you?

Want to see more photos from this class, just click here.

Until Next Time...


Friday, May 17, 2013

Even The Trash Looks Pretty

Hello Everyone,

One of the best things about working with the fabrics that I have chosen for this quilt is the color.  There is no lack of it wherever I look and I love it... 

...even the trash looks pretty, doesn't it?? Do you ever look in your trash when creating?  What does it look like?

My line up of the little stars to be paper pieced looks fabulous and full of warm colors.

And cool colors.  That once combined will be gorgeous... I hope!

Here are the little units just waiting to be combined and placed on the design wall. Yes, my ironing board looks terrible... perhaps I should get a new cover?  Does anyone else's look like mine? 

Here are the large stars.  I like how they look... but it may not be the final layout.  We'll see.

I added two little stars here... the baby sisters.  So cute!!

Aren't they?  I think I am going to really like this quilt.


Pattern:  My 2 Baby Sisters available here.
Fabric:  Kaffe Fassett available here.
Black and white available here.

Stay tuned for more!!

Until Next Time...


Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It Is Coming Along

 Hello Everyone,

I am so excited about this quilt that I am currently working on, much of that is due to the fabrics that chose.

Most of you know how much I adore Kaffe Fassett fabrics as well as black and white fabrics.  So much so, that I stock TONS in my online shop.  But when you combine the two... BAM... you get an eye catching quilt.

See what I mean with the colors... Don't they look great?

The pattern that I am working on is My 2 Baby Sisters, which is one of Judy Niemeyer's quilt and can be found here in my shop.  Basically it is made up of two different size LeMoyne Stars and flying geese.

Super simple blocks to paper piece, but laid out in such a way the pattern has great eye appeal.

My trimmings.  I don't know about you but sometimes the trimmings can be as pretty as the blocks.

During my sewing time I had a visitor....

He climbed up and laid on some fabric that I had behind my sewing machine to get comfy.

Here is the line up of some of the warm colors waiting to be pieced. 

Here are the groupings.  There are 3 different fabrics in each color group.  I have a few more to complete, but this is where I am now....

I really like how they are looking.  This most likely is NOT the final placement.  I have a few more to go then onto the smaller stars which will fit in between the larger ones.

It was a good day and I was able to get a bunch done.

And had company as well!  Tired and sleeping, but company nonetheless.  Whew!... Sewing is such hard work!

Until Next Time...

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