Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Finally Caught Up!

Hello Everyone,

Well I have been hard at work. I have caught up on my Mystery quilt blocks, Noah's Ark Stitcheries, and have joined Nice People Nice Things. I have also been busy catching up on customer quilts and uploading them to my website

Anyway, let the pics begin. This first one is of the strippy block I had to make for the mystery quilt. Well, not just one block about 20!

This next one is the block that was formed out of those cat faces. You were right, it is a star! Glad Creations is calling it the Weathervane Block. I really like it. But again, I didn't make just 1 it was about 18.

Now I have actually progressed to a layout. Here is a peek at what this baby will look like. Right now they are just laying there unsewn, hopefully one of my cats will not come by and swoop them out of position before I get to them.

Moving right along....now I am caught up on Lynette Anderson's Noah's Ark BOM. Here are my Giraffes.

Here is my Rainbow... I am looking forward to the next one which is due out tomorrow!

Look at the next picture... Colleen at Crazy for Primitive Quilts and Gardens was selling this wonderful fabric bundle of fat quarters and I purchased it from her!! Woo hoo!! I love them and can't wait to use them.

In fact, I just receive the NPNT pattern and I will be using them in this quilt. I saw the fabrics from Colleen and couldn't resist joining this group. She gave me the idea to use them in this. Originally, she wanted to use them for the quilt, but she doesn't use brights.  So since I don't have a problem with brights, you'll be seeing this quilt in a bright and happy colorway!

So anyway folks, that's where I am at right now. I now have to write my monthly newsletter up and send it off.  I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Happy Quilting!


Saturday, September 27, 2008

Friday Fun

Hello everyone,

Happy weekend! I thought that I would share with you what I did yesterday. I invited some of my quilty friends over for some sewing fun. We had a great time and were very productive. We all worked on different projects. Here you can see, from the Left to Right, June, Pam, and Justine working hard. You can also see my sewing machine working hard on my mystery blocks. Yeah, wouldn't it be great if the machine would work without me sitting there?

Here Justine (non-blogger) is sitting binding a quilt that I quilted for a customer. Justine does all my customers bindings that request it to be done. She is fantastic!! She got most of it done too. She just had about 1 more foot to do before she left.

Here you can see what Pam (non-blogger)  is working on... I believe these blocks are from Patchwork Party 2008 Summer Edition using Moda's Prairie Paisley and Marti Michell's templates. She spent the day cutting the fabric for the blocks. They are really pretty.

Now we have a little show and tell from Justine. This is a jeans quilt that she is making from pre-cut jeans. It is a kit that she purchased from the mennonite women and is selling more of them. This is the sample she wants to be complete so that people have an idea what to do with the jean fabric.

Now onto June's (non-blogger) show and tell. However, first I must give you all a little bio about June. June is a designer for Red Rooster Fabrics. You can see some of her quilts on their website, and you can see mine and Pam's name on them for the the machine quilting...YAY! Also, you can see her picture in the back of Jennifer Chiaverini's quilting book Return to Elm Creek, and best of all the quilt on the cover of the book....June designed and made specifically for Jennifer and C & T Publishing. Very Cool!

Anyway, these are a few of the quilts that are June's. The first one she is currently working on and on Friday she was hand stitching the borders. 

This quilt was a challenge that she had with one of the guilds. I love this one, nice and bright! And I benefitted from this...she gave me extra house blocks that she made and didn't use. Lucky me.

This is an applique quilt that she made. Absolutely stunning!

So, you are wondering about me.... I did work on my mystery blocks and you can see them in the picture with my sewing machine. I will post  some pictures of them in the next couple days. I have also been working on getting caught up on the Noah's Ark Stitchery Bom.  I should be caught up in time for the block 8.

I also have been working hard on customer quilts and have lots to add to my site. I just added 4 this morning and probably will add 4 every day until I get caught up. So check back often!

This weekend I plan on just getting caught up. It is rainy and a good time to stay in and sew.

I hope everyone will have a terrific weekend filled with lots of quilty things. Until next time, Happy Quilting!


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Seed Packet Stitcheries

Hello Everyone, 

Just a quick post to show you some of what I have been up to. I have been working very hard on my mystery quilt and actually have 18 blocks made!! I will be posting pictures of them in a couple of days. So be sure to check back. 

But while I have been watching the Red Sox I have been stitching. Maybe you will remember these stitchery seed packet patterns. I finished 2 more! The bottom 2 are newest ones that I have completed. I really love them, I think they are really pretty.

I am looking forward to putting them in a quilt, but alas I have 7 more to complete! So it may be a longer process than originally thought.

In other news, check out the new photos of customer quilts, especially Sara's memory quilt. This is such a beautiful quilt!

Have a terrific weekend! Happy Quilting!


Monday, September 15, 2008

Snowballs....I think! And Thanks Vicki!

Hello Everyone,

I am making progress on my mystery quilt. I am desperately trying to catch on my clues. But to my detriment, I am very obsessive about the perfection of my quilting skills. Translates to "boy it can really slow you down." 

Anyhoo... Here is the progress I have made. I had to make 1/2 snowball units, not sure why, just had to do it. Here is what they look like...

Now I am in the process of making these strippy units. Again, I am not sure why, just doing what I am told to do with hopes of it being spectacular in the end. Anyhoo, here is what they look like....
So, I am plugging along with great hopes to finish this sometime in the near future. 

I also received a package from Vicki. I won a contest on her blog. She sent me a bunch of fun stuff. Thanks so much Vicki!!  Here take a peek at what was in the package.

Once again, I have been busy, check out the new customer quilts here. Hopefully, I will be back soon with another mystery update!!

Until then, happy quilting!


Thursday, September 11, 2008

From Dog's Ears to Cat's Faces

Hello Quilting Friends,

I have made some progress on my mystery quilt!! After making all those half square triangles, and cutting off all those dog ears, I then created cat faces. Yes, don't believe me take a look....

See what I mean. Don't they look like cat faces?? I don't know what I am doing with them yet because I am still not caught up yet on my clues. But I can tell you that I am working hard to catch up. A girl can only do so much. But I do dream about being caught up.

Also, just thought I would let you know that Brenda at Little Acorns is having a 20% off sale. So be sure to stop by and browse some.

Check out these new customer pictures I added here. I have some more coming in the next post and lots of goodies to post next time too!!

Until next time, happy quilting,


Saturday, September 6, 2008

Cherries in the Mail????

Hi Everyone,

Yes, you read that correctly!! I received cherries in the mail. Well, okay, not the kind you eat. These are even better....you can quilt with these. Here take a peek.

Aren't they yummy?? They are Cherrywood Fabrics latest. They are just like jelly rolls, 2 1/2 inch pre-cut strips. But these are even better, they are hand dyed fabrics that look like suede. You might remember this quilt that I made for my dad out of  Cherrywood Fabrics. I just love them. 

I also picked up these goodies when signing up for a class today. These fabrics are from Mark Lipinski's new Califon Fabric line. I love the bright colors! Don't you?

I also added some beautiful new pictures for your viewing pleasure here. Enjoy!

Have a great weekend, and Happy Quilting!

**EDIT** --- Pop on over to Jane's Fabrics and Quilts for a wonderful giveaway!


Thursday, September 4, 2008

The Mystery of Half Square Triangles

Hi Everyone,

Okay, so I am finally working on my mystery quilt from back in June! Remember, when I had all of you guess which fabric I chose. Remember now

Well, anyway I have gotten all the fabric cut, which was clue #1 and now I am on clue # 2. Yes, I am behind, but that's what I get for going away on vacation. Clue # 2 is full of half square triangles. Here are some pictures.

I am very obsessive about those little dog ears and just have to cut them all off to square up each tiny little block. You can see all those tiny little snibbles there in the picture. That could be why it is taking me so long to get through this clue. But hopefully all my points will match in the end. I hope there isn't any quilt police out there. 

I have also posted some new pictures today of customer quilts here. And don't forget to check out my new pattern page here

Check back for another quick post later this week for more mysterious, I mean mystery quilt progress!

Happy Quilting!


Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Quiltn' in CT

Hello Everyone,

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Labor Day weekend...for those of you in the U.S. We went to a Red Sox game and they won!! We also walked along the Freedom trail in Boston. It was fun especially when we stopped in the North End at the Italian bakery, mmmmm!

Anyway, onto quilty stuff. Going back a few months to June when I had my giveaway. If you remember, it was in celebration of my birthday. Well, my hubby and kids got me a great gift and it finally arrived. Here it is...

How cool is that? So if you are ever in CT and see this plate, it is me, say hi!!

Also, since the kids started back in school, I am now getting back into a rhythm and working on my mystery quilt. So keep your eye out for some posts on this. Lots of half square triangles!!

I have also sent out my September, 2008 Newsletter. It has some real goodies on it, so you will want to check it out on my website by clicking here. You can subscribe while you are there.  I have also added more customer quilts to the gallery, you can see them by clicking here. I will be adding more this week, so be sure to check back often.  Also, check out my newest page...Quilt Patterns!! You now can download quilt patterns from various designers instantly. Just click here to check it out!

Until next time...Happy Quilting!!

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