Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Hole In The Wall Gang Call Out!!

Hello Everyone,

I know that some of you remember my call out last year for the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. Well, it is that time again. I have had some e-mails and inquiries about when I would be calling out for pillowcases again. The time has begun!!

Our guild had it's first meeting of the year 2 weeks ago and has set a goal this year for 2,000 pillowcases! Yes, that is a lot, but last year we had 1,600 made and delivered. Here are some pictures from that special day...

The car packed with boxes ready to travel.

Boxes arrived safe and sound!

More arrived, plus some help.

The ladies of our guild and staff from the camp happy for the pillowcases and quilts received for the kids.

So this year has already begun and we have a nice start on the pillowcases. We currently have over 200. Here are a few photos that I took with my iPhone at the guild meeting.

A lot of the fabric had been donated by the ladies and some fabric companies are also sending us fabric. Many are making the cases and just sending them to us. I can't begin to tell you how much these pillowcases are appreciated by the children. This is one thing they get to take home with them at the end of camp.

You can read more about the camp by clicking HERE. If you would like to make some pillowcases, you can find a quick and easy pattern PDF listed on my sidebar under "Freebie Patterns". Then send me an e-mail or comment on this post and I will send you my address to send the pillowcases.

We will accept your pillowcase donations through April, 2010. It truly is a wonderful cause putting a smile on these children's faces. Thank you in advance for your generosity and kindness.

In other news, check out my Etsy Treasury here. See lots of summertime inspiration. But be quick it expires on Tuesday.

Until Next Time...


Friday, September 25, 2009

Riot of Color

Hello Everyone,

I bet you have been wondering what I have done with all those Kaffe HSTs? Well, even if you weren't I am going to let you know. I have had a blast!!

This is the first quilt. If you remember, I said that I had enough to make two. This is the first layout. I am in love with it!! The color just makes my heart sing.

Definitely a shot of ROYGBIV!

Love the oranges, reds, and yellows.

So much summer here in these colors.

I actually laid this out several times until I got the right mix of colors transitioning from on to the other.

I had to lay this one out on the floor because my design wall has another project on it. So in laying it on the floor I actually had another arrangement done just for me by my kitty.

Of course I did not keep that arrangement, no matter how much my kitty insisted.

I decided to go with my layout, which in the end, will please me more in the long run.

So in the process of making this quilt, I had lots of Kaffe scraps. I made up a scrap bag and put it on my Etsy shop. It has all these fabrics and more!

I have also updated my website gallery with more fabulous customer quilts. One that has some Kaffe fabrics pieced into it, just beautiful.

Also, if you haven't heard yet, my 5th podcast is up and running. I talk, in depth, about thread and making the right choices for your projects. You can listen to it here or on iTunes.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend! We are going to be doing a little New England leaf peeping. Hopefully, I will bring back some wonderful fall photos to show you.

Until Next Time...


Saturday, September 19, 2009


Hello Everyone,

So this week was very busy for me, in a good way. I was busy quilting customer quilts and busy with lots of other good things.They were all very good distractions. Here is a list of what I accomplished and feel good about:

1. E-mailed and posted my September Newsletter.
2. Uploaded my 5th Podcast here and in iTunes. (By the way, thank you to all who have listened to me talk, given me suggestions, and reviewed my podcasts on iTunes. I really appreciated you listening. Keep them coming!)
3. Getting ready for Quilt Market in Houston. Just a few more weeks. It is earlier this year and of course always fun. If anyone is going let me know, I would love to meet up with you.
4. Took little Pavi to get neutered on Wednesday. It was like nothing ever happened. He was playful as ever, when I picked him up.
5. Got my car serviced, really needed it!
6. I did my first Etsy Treasury and included some people you might know. You can check it out here but you need to do it before Sunday the 20th, it expires then.
7. Then I did a little sewing right here... Do you like????

I signed up for the Sue Ross BOM from Material Obsession all the way down under!!

I received the first two blocks and chose the contemporary way. All Kaffes and bright ones too! You know I love that!

So I wanted to do a practice block like everyone else and this is what I chose. What do you think?

I chose a black center, but forgot to upload the picture. I have to work on the outer ring yet. But I did not hand sew this as it suggests. I machine pieced it all!

Then I received the latest issue of Quilter's Newsletter Magazine and was just WOWED by this pattern. I must make it or at least put it on my list of to do quilts. I was thinking it would look great in 30s repro or in Kaffe fabrics. What are your thoughts??

Okay, so here is a close up, 30s or Kaffes?? Which do you think?

Anyway, I must focus the rest of the week. I have some big deadlines to meet and looking forward to each one.

My next post, I am going to give you a big update on the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp. So stay tuned.

Until Next Time...


Saturday, September 12, 2009

A Little of This and a Little of That

Hello Everyone,

I bet you thought I was done with Kaffe? Not yet. I am definitely on a Kaffe binge. Love it!

A while ago, Stephanie asked me to be one of her pattern testers. I jumped at the chance because I just admire her bags and creativity. Some of you may have seen this post earlier this week.

Yes, I tested her Prickly Pear bag pattern. A dream to piece together and really cute to boot!! A must have for any bag lover. So you guessed it my version was done in Kaffe fabrics.

I added this beautiful vintage flower button.

Quilted it with a monochromatic variegated thread.

A quarter inch on either side of the seam.

Used a beautiful blue rick rack.

Polka dot Kaffe on the back and front flap.

To make this one gorgeous bag!

Once her pattern hits her Etsy shop, hurry and get one. I guarantee you will love it. I am ready to make more.

On another note, I recently won a giveaway from Vickie and she sent me this great little charm pack of Wonderland. Just beautiful colors and patterns. Thank you Vickie!

I also had won a giveaway from Tina a while back and she sent me one of her handmade quilt block pins that she sells on her Etsy shop. I also received this wonderful luggage tag, notice it is made of Kaffe fabrics. Thanks Tina!

I know many of you are probably wondering about my new kitty. Here you go, a picture of little Pavi, with my big boy Rolo napping on the window seat. What a life!

Next week, you can expect my September Newsletter to be mailed out and a NEW podcast up for the listening crowd. I hope you all enjoy your weekend and have time for a little sewing. If you would like some more quilty inspiration, check these out!!

Oh, and go visit Terri at Sew Fantastic, she is celebrating and having a fantastic giveaway!

Until Next Time,


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Pretty Piles of Progress

Hello Everyone,

As promised, I wanted to show you some progress on my Kaffe quilt! I just love how it is turning out, although I am not too far into the process. But I am just glad to be sewing and not unsewing!!

So I started out by cutting all those fabrics you saw here into triangles with my AccuQuilt Studio cutter. Love that thing!! See all the corners are trimmed off, makes for perfect matching.

You can see 2 HST trial blocks before beginning to sew all the rest.

Whittling away at the massive pile of triangles felt so good!

Had to show you a close up of those really pretty Kaffe's. Love them!!

I also love how they look in the chain pieced pile. Don't you?

Here are all the HSTs all sewed together and pressed open.

Now onto to the layout!

The layout will be on the plan for this week. I think I will be making two quilts from these blocks. I have plenty and I have 2 layouts in my head. All of your suggestions were terrific and everyone was appreciated. As you can see, I went with white Kona. Love the nice contrast!

On another note, I have been busy loading customer quilts in my gallery. Check them out!

I have also added some Kaffe die cut circles and tumblers to my Etsy shop! Some of the fabrics were the same ones that I used for the quilt in progress. I have also been busy die cutting different shapes of 1930s fabrics, which you can also find on my Etsy shop. Thank you all who have visited my shop and are helping to make it a success! I really appreciate it!

Until Next Time....


Friday, September 4, 2009

A Quick Pause...

Hello Everyone,

Just a quick break from Kaffe. I guarantee you that my next post will show you my progress on what I am making with those luscious fabrics. Thank you all for your input from the last post. I really took each and everyone into consideration.

So my friend, Justine (no blog) asked me to be her buddy in the All People Quilt Quarterly Challenge. So of course I said yes! We each had to make a journal cover. I think they came out really cool. What do you think?

Justine's (left) and Mine (right)

She was here last night until 10:00 and we were uploading them to the All People Quilt site.

Very cute cow button!

Justine loves cows! So of course she made a cow journal cover.

Handmade glass button.

I love brights and dots, so I made a bright dot cover.

Love the cows!

Love the dots!

Black and White and Spotted All Over!

Love them both! Anyway, since this is a contest there are two parts to it:

1. Head on over here and rate the photos (click on the photo then just hover over the stars and give a 1,2,3,4,or 5 star rating) our projects and leave a comment, if you like, (this requires you to login) pretty please! No logging in required to rate the photos!

2. Then beginning September 15, you can vote for our projects to win. That is of course if you like ours best. Don't worry I will remind you!

Justine and I would like to thank you all in advance for your support and truly hope that you will go and rate and then vote for us. I hope you like!

Next up... Kaffe!

Until Next Time...

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