Thursday, January 31, 2008

And The Winner Is..........

So there were 8 people who were pretty close. No one actually got every detail correct, so I decided to take the 8 people who were close and pretty close and assign them each a number. And I decided to pick 2 winners!!! Yeah!!!Then I put those numbers on small slips of paper.Then I put them in a bowl.Then my kids drew the first winner.....Congratulations!!Then my kids drew the second winner......Congratulations!!All I will need is Pam Kitty Morning and AnnieB to send me an e-mail with their mailing address and their prizes will be sent.

By the way, here is what was in the box ....
And here are a few blocks that I have constructed already.I had sent my 30's fabric out to Flynn Quilt Frame Co. and they laser cut all of it to make a king size Wheel of Mystery Quilt. Saved me gads of time. They also do Storm at Sea. My cat, Rolo, was seeking heat from a floor vent. Everyone wants to stay warm when it is this cold!!

I hope everyone had fun!! Check back tomorrow, I will definitely have another post.

Have a great night!!



Friday, January 25, 2008

Another Clue....

After thinking about it, I thought you might like another clue. I sent my 30's fabric out and had something done to save me a little time. I sent it to someone who is located in my favorite websites, as they do this as a service for quilter's for a small fee. They did a great job and it will help me to piece this quilt a little bit faster. I have already done this pattern once.

I hope this helps!!


Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can You Guess What's In The Box????

I thought I would have a little contest. The person who can guess (most accurately) what is in the box will win a little prize from me!! Woo Hoo!! So a couple of hints for you is the box.It came back to me in the mail yesterday. It has to do with the fabric and project I mentioned in my January 7th post. Yes, go back and check it out. If you are truly a detective you can figure it out from other things that are on my blog....hmmmm, what could they be???

Here is an extra added bonus, if you can guess what my cat Rolo is doing in this picture, I will send an extra little surprise.
Well, good luck to all and by they way the deadline date will be January 31st. So think fast!!

Have a great night, Jackie


Monday, January 21, 2008

A Fat Quarter Small Quilt....DONE!!

Well, technically it is not quilted and bound yet. But the top is done and I love it!! It will hang in my guest bedroom or possibly sit on the dresser as a topper. This was the one that I showed the fabric in a few posts ago. It is the cover quilt from Darlene Zimmerman's Fat Quarter Small Quilts book. I love all the quilts in this book and hope to do a few more. It was a stash buster for me, I am challenging myself this year to utilize my stash and minimize my buying...OH NO!!!

Also, I just posted Deb's quilt here. The quilting
came out really nice and I think she will like it very much. She had won this quilt kit at Quilt Market and just finished it. She needed it quilted to hang in the shop. I think that this fabric will be arriving soon!! Anyway, enjoy!!


Friday, January 18, 2008

The Mailman Delivered!!

Hi Everyone,

I am so excited...I found some really cool vintage buttons on E-bay and put a couple of bids in and won them!! Here are the pics. I think they will make some great additions to my quilting projects. The orange and yellow ones may be adorning a tote or bag of some kind and the other are wonderful 30's colors. I think they will make great additions to my projects. In fact, I think that I will be going up to my studio now to work on a project.Tonight, I will be going out with some friends. I can't wait to have a little time to talk girl talk!! Oh, by the way, I updated my website with some new pics of customers quilts. Check it out here for some inspiration. Enjoy!!

Jackie :)


Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow, Meatballs, Kids, and Quilts

Today was a fun and productive day. The forecasters here had been predicting a big Nor'easter for several days. In this area they had predicted 8-14 inches, it turned out more like 6 inches. It actually is quite pretty, even though I don't like it so much. This was the view off of my deck, nice!
Because of the snow, the kids were home from school today. They slept late which gave me the opportunity to watch Simply Quilts and complete the hand sewing of some binding. As I was finishing, they were waking up.

Then it was on to completing the quilting on a customer's 2 quilts which you can see here under recent additions. They truly are spectacular. I especially love the bright one. I am of course partial to brightly colored quilts and also 30's. But, if you've been reading my blog, you already know this fact.

Once I finished these quilts, it was then onto making my famous meatballs and sauce. Yes, I make them from scratch and they are usually devoured quickly. I bake them first on a roasting pan to get any fat out. Then when they are done, I put them in the sauce to finish cooking and add some more flavor to the sauce. They are going to be accompanied by ravioli's and a salad for dinner. MMMMMM.....Good!!
Now, I am off for the night and just going to relax!! See you soon.


Thursday, January 10, 2008

A Small 30's Project

I decided that I needed a small project to work on, and because I love the 30's fabrics I chose one from Darlene Zimmerman's book Fat Quarter Small Quilts. I also wanted to pull fabrics from my stash and not buy any new fabric...heavens, no new fabric!!! Well, at least not for now. It truly is a small project and will finish at about 24" X 27" so if I could not scrounge up enough fabric in my stash I was in trouble. Here is a look at the fabric that I chose.

The quilt is the cover quilt on her book it is really cute and will go well on the wall or on the dresser in our guest bedroom. This room has a cottage feel to it. I didn't get too far on it I only cut the strips and the center squares out. After all, I did teach a class today at the shop.

One last thing I want to invite you all to my new website. It was created by some very nice people and they were just fantastic. They create websites especially for quilters, check them out.

I'm sorry, I lied that wasn't the last thing...I just wanted to share this last picture with you of our cat Rolo (20 lbs). He was desperate for water and needed a sip right out of my son's glass. And no his face did not get stuck, although we thought it might.


Monday, January 7, 2008

New Fabric....New Project....

As promised, I have been gathering some of my 30's fabric together to start a new project. I will be making a very large quilt for show! I am hoping to have it done by the deadline in June. Here is a picture of the fabrics. I have 7 of each color (dark) and 1 light fabric 6 yards. I will be doing a popular pattern, however, I have never seen it done in 30's fabrics. Stay tuned because I will be giving more clues as to what this quilt will be and will have pictures also. Have a great day!!

Sunday, January 6, 2008

Antique Finds Today!!

Well, today I spent the day running errands and grocery shopping. We also de-christmased our household. Alas, the holidays are truly over. But I was done with everything fairly early and decided to go to 2 local antique shops. They are quite large and have loads of antique vendor booths. I just wanted to poke around not really knowing what I might find. I did see some old quilts but they were more than I was willing to spend at this time. But, I did have fun and found some vintage and some not so vintage buttons!!Aren't they cool!! I love them and I think they will make nice additions to some projects. Maybe I can make a tote or 2, embellish a quilt. I especially like the green ones that look like crystals. But if anyone has any specific projects that you think these particular buttons would look good on please post a comment and let me know.


Thursday, January 3, 2008

My New Website is Live!!

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to invite you all to visit my new website at I would love to hear from you and see what you think. I love feedback and comments!! I will be adding pictures regularly to the gallery so keep checking back. I hope you all like it.



Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy New Year Everyone!!

Happy New Year Everyone!!!
I am sorry I haven't posted in a week; however, with the holidays and traveling I've been a little busy. But I did manage to do some quilting this week. I quilted the Yellow Brick Road flannel quilt that I had posted a while back and now all that has to be done is the binding. I sewed some of the winding ways blocks together ( these were on my last post). Hopefully next week I will have these block all together and a top will be born. I also have been gathering together 30's fabrics for a new quilt that I will be making for a show this year.

I did finish quilting my sister in law's quilt for her the day before Christmas. This quilt was from a class we both took with Carol Doak in 2002. It is from her Easy Stash book. I have my quilt posted in my sidebar and had gotten it done a little faster than Shirley. She just finished it! It came out beautiful....all those years of waiting paid off.

That is one of my resolutions for this year is to finish all those UFO's!! I have very many unquilted tops that need to be done. I just have to find a way to sneak them onto my Gammill in between customers quilts. I will also be busily cutting into my stash!! I would love to know what your quilting resolutions are for 2008. Post your comment with the resolutions and we'll have to see how we all do over this year!!

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