Thursday, May 22, 2008

It's A Piece O' Cake!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry, I've been a little late on my postings and responding to comments. On my list of to do's is to respond to comments tomorrow...yeah!!

However, in the meantime I wanted to share with you some pictures that I took today. I took a class with Becky Goldsmith from Piece O' Cake Designs!! She was here visiting our guild and I couldn't pass up the opportunity. I love their work and have taken a class with Linda and Becky at Quilt Market in the fall and loved them!

Today we worked on a quilt called Lorna's Vine from their Amish Inspired Quilts Book. It is the cover quilt and is gorgeous.

I chose slightly brighter fabrics, well a lot brighter...fuschia as my background, lime greens, hot yellow, purples, and oranges! FUN! Here is a look at my fabrics.

Here is Becky teaching.

My friend Pam hard at work.

Becky's quilts from their book Covered With Love.

And what I accomplished in class.

What I truly set out to do was to improve my appliqué stitch and that I did...wooohooo!

It was fun taking her class and hope to sometime do another with her or Linda. If they are ever in your area sign up fast.

I also have been very busy with customer quilts. I just loaded more pictures here and will be posting over the next few days. So be sure to check here frequently to see the ever changing display of wonderful quilts.

Happy Quilting,



Friday, May 16, 2008

I'm Back and New Pictures!

Hi Everyone,

I just got back from Kansas. I attended the SUGAR (Statler User Group and Rep) conference and MQS (Machine Quilter's Showcase). I had a blast and learned a lot. We did some shop hopping too and of course, I couldn't resist. I picked up a few things.

But before I left I had promised some more pictures from the Northern Star Quilt Guild Show. So I am delivering on my promise. Enjoy the following pictures.

Aren't the quilts gorgeous and inspirational?!?! Now for more inspiration, I have posted and e-mailed out my May edition of my Newsletter. You can find it here. If you would like to subscribe, just click on the subscribe link.

On my next post, I will give you a sneak peak on one of the projects that I am working on. I am using Mary Englebreit fabrics. I will also post some pictures from MQS.

Until then...Happy Quilting!!



Friday, May 9, 2008

Quilt Show Pictures

Hi Everyone,

I have been quite busy and everyone knows that when you are busy some things get put to the back burner. Well, my post did just that. But I am finally coming up for a breather and wanted to share some photos with you of a quilt show that I attended last weekend. I went to Somers, NY to the Northern Star Quilt Guild Show. They had some very impressive and beautiful quilts
there. I couldn't take pictures of them all, but I am posting ones that caught my eye.

First the Best of Show. Being a fan of Judy Niemeyer, this quilt caught my eye immediately. I have taken classes from her and have constructed her quilt patterns before. The woman who entered this quilt did an impeccable job on the piecing and quilting. The colors are stunning!

This is the close up of the quilting.

The next few I am going to share, without my blah, blah, blah commentary....just enjoy the eye candy. I will post more in my next post, so make sure you come back to visit.

Also, to prove I was busy, go here and check out the recent additions. I have even more I will be uploading over the next few days! Gorgeous quilts!!

Have a wonderful day!


Thursday, May 1, 2008

A BIG Thanks! and Quilty Shoes???

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to show you some fun shoes that I picked up while I was in AZ. I found them at Shoeteria. They do have a website, but I could not find the shoes on the website. You could probably call the store or try Zappo's. Anyway, they are so fun and they have been pretty comfortable to wear. My daughter wears Converse and I always thought they would be
uncomfortable, but they are not. Without further ado, here they are:

Also, I wanted to share with you the little bag that Cheryl from Polka Dots and Ric Rac sent to me. What a surprise! It is absolutely cute!! Thanks so much Cheryl.

You can check here, I have uploaded some new photos of customer quilts. They really came out nice!

Until next time....Happy Quilting!


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