Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Photo Fun

Hello Everyone,

The past week or so I have been having fun playing with the Instagram App on my iPhone.  I had gotten the app quite a while ago, but really never did anything with it until now.  

The catalyst was my blooming daylilies.  I must say that I love the effects that Instagram has to choose from and the photos really come out quite nicely.

They also post directly to any social media that you might have, if you enable that function.  I have enabled it to my Facebook page and people can see right away the beautiful photos in this album.

Here are some of the photos that I have taken...


Best buds soaking in some sun.

Yummy summer dessert.... all gone!


Water fall on a hike.

The perfect ending to my day.




Amazing that these were all from my phone!

If you haven't tried Instagram give it a go, it is free and... quite fun!  

For those of you wanting to know, I have probably about 30-40 different varieties of daylilies in my yard.  I love them!

Until Next Time...



Abby and Stephanie said...

Gorgeous lilies. Ours are blooming all over the place too! They must be loving this heat.

Unknown said...

Цветы прекрасны! Я удивляюсь дружбе Ваших кошек. У моих всегда была война. Замечательные фотографии.

WoolenSails said...

I have seen that app, will have to check it out. I usually use the Facebook app and just load them there, but would be nice to have instant photos.


stephmabry said...

I love your daylily photos! My grandfather had dozens of different varieties in his yard, too - he loved them so much that after he passed I got a tattoo of a Prairie Blue Eyes daylily in memory of him. :) Thank you for sharing and reminding me of long summer days spent at his house! :D have a great 4th.

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