Thursday, July 5, 2012

Generation Q Blog Hop Giveaway

Hello Everyone,

Do you know Generation Q?  If not, you need to first visit their site, just click here.  For just about a year they have been an online magazine and at Spring Quilt Market they debuted their Premier Issue of the "hard copy" magazine!

It is such a cool little magazine... check out it's size... very cute!!  Who is that on the cover you say?  Amy Butler and her husband David.  Yes, that quilt that is wrapped around them is a project inside!!

But, check this out... this is my favorite part of their premier issue.  Do you see that headline above?   Well, where do you think you might find great fabric??

Yup, that is right... my little old online shop!! If you haven't ever visited just click here.  Lots of fabric to be found.  You can find Generation Q for sale in my shop too!! Just click here.

Oh another little tidbit, if you would like to hear from the editors of Gen Q... you can!! I interviewed them for a podcast and you can listen in by clicking here.  You will find out tons about them and the magazine.

So would you like your own copy of Generation Q?? If so, you can enter to win a copy of this fabulous magazine by entering a comment on this post...

And you can also win from these other great blogs on the blog tour!

July 10–FabTalk blog

Hope you all love the blog hop and enjoy the magazine!

Until Next Time...

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