Sunday, August 14, 2011

Do You Know This Quilter?

Hello Everyone,

You may have seen this beautiful quilt...

it was improvisational and beautiful!

The Kitchen Sink Quilt. But did you know that my good friend Victoria Findlay Wolfe made those and plenty more. She is quite the talented lady. So I thought it was high time that I formally introduced you to her.

Here she is, no this isn't a mug shot, she was interviewed for Quilter's SOS last weekend at the Quilter's Take Manhattan Event. The interview will be cataloged in the Library of Congress. Plus the fact that she takes no prisoners... with her free style form of quilting, amazing projects come out of her studio!

Just thought I would throw this photo in of the two of us. But I really want you all to get to know her better, so last Sunday we sat down together and I interviewed her for my podcast!!

Yes, now you too can listen to both of us discussing tons of quilty things. How she began quilting, what inspires her, and what makes her tick!

To listen to this riveting interview you can either download it for free from iTunes by searching Jackie's Quilting Chronicles or you can click here and listen to it directly from your computer, also for free!

Enjoy our little chat! And if you wouldn't mind also going over to say hello to Victoria and tell her I sent you, I know that would make her day!! Just click here to be whisked away!

Until Next Time...



cottonreel said...

I discovered Victoria's site earlier this year . It's wonderfully inspiring . I'm a quilter who saves every scrap of fabric so I get much inspration from her blog .
I sent a quilt I am working on in her style just today by email . It is mixed in with a file of quilts shown at Birmingham UK festival of quilts .
Long may she reign .I have taken part in her projects

Elisa Black said...

Hi Jackie! A very nice post on Victoria. I look forward to listening to your podcast (I'm going to have my husband upload all of them to my iPod later today) and I look forward to reading Victoria's interview for Quilter's SOS (which was not yet posted the last time I checked, but maybe it's there now). Great photo of you two! Happy Sunday to you!

Anonymous said...

Scarey ! Do you know that quilter? and I DID, I knew that modona was Victoria's AND that she put it in a quilt called Kitchen Sink !! Now what is my cousin's oldest child's name? Haven't a clue - think it is a boy though.

Kim said...

The dynamic duo!
You two make quite the team.....all that quilting energy between you.
Nice podcast Ladies :0).

Happy Sewing

sewfunquilts said...

So much talent.....and so inspirational. Thanks for sharing her, and the Kitchen Sink Quilt.

Jean said...

She is talented...I discovered her blog several years ago. Thanks for the podcast, will watch later.

Unknown said...

The first one blows me away, Jackie. Just gorgeous creations.

Would you be so kind to (& tell your friends) comment on my BLOG ONLY (emails don’t count), for the Miracle Makeover fund drive. Charlie, 8 yr. old, & his story are fabulous. Every comment brings us a $1 for the next person that will be sponsored.

Have a beautiful weekend.

Andi said...

I just listened to the podcast.
What a great interview.
Now I'm even more determined to come over and visit you guys.
I wanna meet you both and share some stitchin'.
Andi x

alice findlay said...

Hi Jackie
Enjoyed the podcast to give me an insight into my uncles talented wife!

Sewjoe said...

Would love to make a "kitchen sink" quilt. Will listen to the podcast soon. Thanks for posting!!

Jane said...

Thanks for the podcast. I've been reading Victoria's blog and it was nice to hear her voice and the things she had to say!

CraftyGardenMom - Tanesha said...

Great podcast with both of you! It is always nice to hear other quilter's perspectives on this craft and it sounds like you both had a ball in NYC for the Quilters Take Manhattan events.

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