Friday, April 26, 2013

Showing Them The Ropes....

Hello Everyone,

Wow, where does time go.... this week I have actually been home, but busy taking care of some home matters as well as teaching locally.  It is great to be home, but boy TONS of spring things to do.  Plus the weather has been pretty nice here and things are starting to finally feel like SPRING!!

So I am getting caught up on quilty things.  These are some images from my class that I taught on Sunday.  This is the rope section of the Mariner's Compass Class that is going on in NY.  All the ladies in the class have some fabulous variations and I can't wait to see ALL their quilts completed!

Here are a few of the variations on the ropes.  There are 19 students in this class so there are many more photos, you just need to click here to see them.

Love this purple version.

Here are three different ropes from three different ladies.

This a a very mellow yellow.

Great autumnal colors.

Even though this one isn't trimmed up, I am in LOVE... these are sooooo my colors.  

Here is a little peek at what the ropes will look like in the wedge.

And another.  

Didn't I tell you, it really makes you want to see more, doesn't it??  I love this Mariner's Compass!

I just added another to the class schedule for the fall.  You can register online by clicking here.  

If you would like to see more photos, click here.

Until Next Time...



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love all the colors and the piecing is great!

Nedra said...

So glad you are having some time at home, and that your weather is becoming nicer. We will reach 99 degrees this week. (I'm not ready) Is your son still doing well?

Retrogirl said...

loving the variety----have to say purple & hot pink combo is not only my fave, but munchkin's too! Can't wait to see the finished projects!! =)

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