Thursday, February 14, 2013

New York Beauties and Geese Circling the Lone Star

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was Session 2 in the Glacier Star Technique of the Month that I am teaching at the Wiltwyck Quilter's Guild in New York.

These ladies ROCK!!  They completed all their New York Beauties from the first session and then we started Session 2...

Everyone's stacks of NYB Blocks... aren't they gorgeous?

Real New York Beauties, holding the New York Beauty blocks.

Then it was onto circling geese units for Technique 2!!  Here are some of the results from today.

Beautiful Asian flair.

Purply batiks.

A sophisticated palette.

All from her stash turquoise geese... lovely!

Bright and bold... just like I like em'!

Everyone hard at work.  But we have one last thing....

They all worked on the Lone Star units to attach to the Circling Geese and here is one that got completed before the end of the class. 

My sister in law, Shirley's units together.  Gorgeous!  When they all come to class next time, they should have all the units completed and I will have tons to show.  

You can see the whole album here on Facebook.

Until Next Time...



Unknown said...

Que producción mas linda, y las chicas se han esmerado en hacerlo rápido.
Feliz día

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love all those gorgeous colors

Janet said...

They are all very beautiful. I'd love to see more when they get going on the next part.

Debby, crowefan0517 said...

Hi Jackie,

I had a great time yesterday and am enjoying your class, as well as, Judy's wonderful patterns. I got two of my geese out of order though, so I'll be doing a bit of unsewing today. Luckily it's only the last two, so it won't be too time consuming to switch them. Need to pay more attention to how I "get all my ducks, I mean geese, in a row". LOL

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