Saturday, December 22, 2012

Therapeutic Sewing

Hello Everyone,

As you know I also blog over at Quilt Mag.  I have a blog post up there now about Therapeutic Sewing.

Go take a peek, by clicking here and leave me a comment!  I love comments!

Have a great weekend!

Until Next Time...



Kim said...

Yes, quilting is like my meditation, although this week has been more than difficult. I hope somehow those families that lost their loved ones know how we are all hurting for them while praying they can find some way to go on with their lives.

Every bit of kindness sent to the Sandy Hook school community will help.

Merry Christmas and thank goodness we have our sewing machines.

Rosa said...

Merry Christmas!

Leah said...

it's funny to me how your cat wants to be RIGHT THERE in the action. a true cuddly buddy.

behind the sewing machine (and the cat) there is a folded project that looks to have thin long triangles, i think it looks lovely and wonder how it looks opened up.

happy holidays Jackie!

paivis said...

Easy to sew with a cat? :)
Merry Christmas.

Kaynik said...

I hope the kitty cat didn't get it's tail sewn into that piece LOL.


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