Monday, November 12, 2012

Retreat Happenings ~ Day 5

Hello Everyone,

Okay, so who said that quilt retreats were just for quilters... this one has gone to the dogs!!

Meet Crispy, who came to visit us with her very own quilted jacket!! What a sweetie.

Crispy's favorite quilter was her "Mom" Shirley.  Shirley is not only a great quilter who comes to our retreats, but also our resident masseuse!! Yes, she gives us massages.  She has a special room set up and I will tell you by the time Saturday comes along, my back is ready and man is she good!!

Maria and Dottie completed a quilt top for their priest.  Lovely design!!

Here are the blocks for our red and white quilt bock swap.  One more block was added after this photo was taken and Sue won all the blocks.  Now she has to bring a completed quilt back next year.

Judy was working on this beautiful version of Cinnamon and Ginger.

Now for our show and tell....

Last year Shirley, not the masseuse, won these blocks from the block swap.  She brought it back all quilted and ready for show and tell.  Gorgeous!!

Betsey had created this Judy Niemeyer quilt Meandering Star (click here to purchase the pattern) and it was beautifully quilted by my friend Pam.  Love Betsey's color selection.

This show and tell has to the the BEST!!  Justine brought this hand appliquéd quilt top to show us all.  She came across it at a garage sale and you will never guess how much she paid.... do you give up???  Only $3.00!!!!!!  Yes, I know amazing!  I am totally green with envy here.  Seems that only Justine and Stephanie come across these fabulous finds.

Pat brought her 4th of July quilt top in... she created this from the class that she took from me.  Love, love, love how it turned out!!  Click here to purchase the pattern.

Susan brought this beautiful Dear Jane quilt to show.  She is completely hand quilting this too!

I just loved this quilt that Carolyn created with the rainbow of color.

We all admired this quilt that Sue made and really enjoyed the stories that she shared... TOO funny!

Joan brought in her Total Eclipse quilt top.  This was also a quilt that she completed as a result of taking a class from me.  (Click here to purchase this pattern)

I continued to work on the next project, the Cactus Flower Table Runner.  I loved working on it as it was a smaller quilt and finished it fairly quickly.  ( Click here to purchase the pattern or kit)

Robin finished this mini art quilt.  I love it!!

Until Next Time...



Debbie said...

I've really been enjoying your retreat review posts, Jackie. Lots of talented ladies there. Great photos and the captions are fun to read, too! I hope there's more to come. :)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Crispy is adorable and the projects are all fantastic but oh my goodness Justine found an amazing quilt. And at a garage sale??? SCORE!

Nedra said...

Such fun Show and Tell. And that Garage Sale find is fabulous! I've always admired people who can pick up these amazing quilts at such low prices.

My Life In Quilts said...

I'm so jealous of Susan for her completed Dear Jane quilt top. I have one in the making with only 10 blocks completed. It is a very daunting quilt. Love all the other quilts too. Thanks.

Military Challenge Coins said...

All the fabric designs are looking outstanding thanks for sharing and i hope you will share more like it.

Kristie said...

They are all so pretty! I wonder what that name of that pattern is with the applique ladies hats. I love that.

Have a wonderful and Blessed day

Queenie Believe said...

Beautiful show and tell quilts! So much beautiful work going on at this retreat, enjoy.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Sew Create It - Jane said...

I just love that quilt with the hats! so pretty!!

Michele said...

I'm love seeing all the great quilts created at that retreat.

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