Friday, April 8, 2011

The Back

Hello Everyone,

Just yesterday, I had a question on my Facebook page about the Lil' Twister quilt and piecing the quilt. She wanted to know how to reduce the bulk. To be honest, there was no bulk.

If you press your seams to one side consistently there should be now problem. When joining the rows just make sure that you press row one blocks to the right, row two blocks to the left and just keep alternating. That way the seams will nest.

I hope you can see this in the photo above. This is the back of my silk quilt so there is the light weight interfacing fused to the back.

This photo may show it a little better. But you just need to be consistent in your pressing and your seam allowance as well.

So if you still want to give the Lil' Twister or the Twister a try, make sure you enter my giveaway by clicking here, it is still open, so hurry.

If you can't wait to get your Lil' Twister, you can find it in my shop here.

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Abby and Stephanie said...

One great thing about blogging is being able to share the answers to quilting questions.

Hannele said...

I just posted a small twister quilt in my blog. When I sewed it I did iron the seam allowances open to reduce the bulk, since I thought that cotton is a bit thicker than silk :)

Cheryl said...

Boy that back looks pretty! Off to enter your giveaway.

Laura Bradley said...

I entered for your giveaway at the magazine site. Thanks!!

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