Sunday, December 7, 2008

Fun Stuff

Hello Everyone,

I know we are all really busy with the holidays upon us. I am no exception. I have been busy with the kids, tying up loose ends, finishing customer quilts, and trying to get a little "me" sewing time.

I wanted to share some of the "me" sewing time first. It is not always just me, it is often my helper Rolo.  I have a small quilt next to my sewing machine that keeps him comfy. Here he is in all his glory.
Here he is all tuckered out from all the strain of watching me sew. He just loves it, can't you tell!

Here is a look at him from a distance. Yes he is a big guy, all 22 pounds of love!

I also thought that I would share a few purchases I could not resist. These little fat quarter packs from Bee Square Fabrics. Aren't they great.... love them!

This kit from Nanette at Freda's Hive, I just couldn't resist. I can't wait to make it up! I love the fabrics she chose for it and the cute covered button.

She also included this cute little ornament that smells so nice. It is already hanging on my tree! Thanks Nanette! **** Edit **** Quick hurry over to Nannette's, she is having a fantastic giveaway ALL week long!!

Also, as some of you are aware my friend Deb's brick and mortar quilt shop Gone Quilting went out of business in June. However, she maintained some inventory online. Now she needs to totally liquidate it by the end of the month. I believe she is selling everything at 65% off. So hop on over to her site and see what finds there are to be had.

By the way, I know I am late on my newsletter for December it will be on its way soon. But I have to tell you I am also late on my blogiversary. It happened last month, but my 100th post is coming up soon. So keep your eyes opened. 

Until next time, Happy Quilting!



Karen said...

I love your helper! Such a very big boy! Nice purchases from Freda's Hive and I like your sewing corner. Looks very cozy. I believe Rolo would agree with me. :)

Abby and Stephanie said...

Rolo looks like he keeps you on task. Wow...22 lbs. My 15 year old kitty is 10 lbs. I can't wait to make my Nanette bag but it'll have to wait until the other projects are done.

PamKittyMorning said...

Can't wait to see your Nanette bag. My dogs, the little norwiches, are chubby and they're 22lbs as well. They really only love my husband now, they tolerate me till he gets home.

Eileen said...

Rolo is a very good name for him. :-) He's like our dog.. nice and well fed. It was great seeing your work corner.
Can't wait to see Nanette's bag made up.. it looks adorable!

Shari said...

Rolo is so cute! Does he sound like a Mack truck when he purrs? And what a lovely little bundle of FQ's. And the bag kit and the little ornament... Happy Quilting!

annemariesquilt said...

Congrats with you 100 post!!
Your cat looks like the king in your sewing room, nice and cute !!

Nanette Merrill said...

Thanks for the mention Jackie! It will be fun. Just one more thing on my holiday list! ;-)

That cat is something! Huge.

julieQ said...

Well, at least you have a sweet helper there. It is hard to keep right on track this holiday time! Looks like you are making great progress

Marianne said...

Oh, Jackie you are such a bad influence! I am loving Bee Square Fabrics, thanks for the tip!

Ginger Patches said...

Rolo looks like a sweetie!! I love big fat cats! We used to have a quilt shop here that had a Maine Coon cat as their "shop cat", I loved that cat!
That fabric is too cute!

Anonymous said...

Hi Jackie, looks like you got yourself quite the little helper:)


Anonymous said...

A 22 pound kitty for a helper? Wow! He sure is a cutie!

Lovely lovely fabrics! And I am looking forward to seeing that purse all done. It looks cute!

Sweet P said...

Rolo looks the "ruler" of the table. I bet he is.

Tine said...

Lol! Rolo looks like he is enjoying life very much :) Probably not very helpful, but he sure is cute!
I love those fat quarters...and that bagkit looks fantastic!!

Jana Nielson said...

Rolo is making me laugh! My helper is a 2 year old that likes to sit on my lap while I's a little scarry because he like to try and touch the needle while it's moving. eeeaaakkkk

Thimbleanna said...

Holy Cow -- 22 lbs? And I thought Scruff was a porker at 17 lbs! Rolo is very lucky that you have a clean enough surface for him to have his own quilt LOL. And haven't we discussed this before -- you have my machine!!!

Arlette said...

Your Rolo is a very sweet boy and he looks so comfortable laying on his beautiful quilt. My Mousie boy is a whopping 8 pounds heavier than Rolo. Like you said, just more to love!
Your new stash is just wonderful. I drool every time I see such pretty fabrics.
Happy Blogiversary, Jackie. I look forward to many more posts!

Dionne said...

22lbs! Yikes! I'll bet his furry belly is so soft and cute! How can you resist a purr buddy like that!
PS - love your finds at Freda's Hive!

Christine said...

Great pictures of Rolo. I'm not sure how heavy Oliver is, but he's heavy too! Your new purchases are cool ... it's always fun to add to the stash.

TB said...

You have a lovely cat. I don't see blonde and white like that. If you were to change the blonde to black, it would look much like one of my cats. I love that people post pics of their cats with their sewing projects. They really do go together, don't they?

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