Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Love Productive Days

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was Finish It Up Friday at my classroom studio.  I love it when the ladies come to sew with me.  They are always so inspirational. 

Let me show you some of what we were up to... 

My friend Deb finished up Color Boxes done in Kaffe.  I took it to the studio for a photo shoot because it is now available in the shop not only as a pattern but a KIT!!  Just click here to see!

Karen brought in a TON of show and tell.  I always love to see what she has... so let's look...

This one I just adored!  Love the design and the fabrics she used.

This also was quite beautiful.  Look at how the blocks flow.

A Mondo bag in the making from all Kaffe Fassett Fabrics.

The ladies working and resting hard.  Take a look at my new curtains from IKEA.  I love them, I thought they were fun and funky.

Karen also had this beautiful peacock quilt.  Believe it or not, it is a panel and then she added actual photo on the right side of peacocks in flight.  This was simply gorgeous.

Leslie was laying out another hexagon quilt.  This one is for herself.  Every once in a while you have to keep a quilt or two.

Beautiful purple strips all lined up and ready to go!

I completed my Queen Size Mariner's Compass by adding the borders today!  I LOVE it!!  I am only sorry that I didn't finish it a long time ago.

Then I continued onto my next project, more on that later.

Nancy was finishing up her gorgeous grey and earth tone quilt.

Leslie... contemplating why her machine wasn't sewing... hmmm... the thread ran out!  This has happened to us all, hasn't it?  

All in all it was a fun day with the ladies and productive as well.  

If you would like to see more photos just click here to see.

Until Next Time...



Michele said...

All of it is just gorgeous.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

love the quilt that you finished

S said...

I love the curtains too! I was about to ask wher you purchased them until I saw it in the next line :)

Th hexagon quilt is awesom! It almost looks like a bunch of biohazard symbols! Is it all made from batiks?

Gene Black said...

Such lovely quilts..
Poor Leslie - I hate it when that happens!

Kathy said...

Hey Jackie, what pattern did Nancy use for that stunning looking earth tone quilt? I think one of my kids might like it. Thanks, Kathy

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