Thursday, July 25, 2013

3rd Day...

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was the third day of our Certified Shop Retreat and boy are we all making progress.  Along with making progress we are all getting to know one another and making new friends too.  This is just one of the benefits to going on a retreat!!!

I was able to get the body of the my Feathered Star done now I need to move onto the borders.

The borders are going to be spikes and I am taking all the colors from the inside and moving them around the quilt!  Here you can see me auditioning the flow or arrangement of the colors.

Here is the body of the quilt with all the feathers complete.

Ardelle has been working very hard on her Mariner's Compass and has made great progress.  I love the color palette that she is using.

Her husband Roger is also making the Feathered Star and is making progress, but he is working from the outside in and I am working from the inside out.  It is funny that ours actually are going to turn out similar and we didn't even know each other before this retreat!!

Judy was teaching us a new technique.  I can't wait to teach this one!

My buddy Ginny has been working hard on her red, white and blue Captain's Wheel.  This is going to be beautiful!!

Sally has this gorgeous version of the Mariner's Compass, love the purples.

My friend Denise has to pick up speed on this one... LOL!  Hurry Denise, hurry!  But really, she has also been working on this with Peggy...

... a gorgeous version of the Mariner's Compass in browns, blacks, and creams.

This is where I ended my night.  I think I made good progress today and I am very pleased with the outcome thus far.  I am super excited to continue working on the border tomorrow morning.  This quilt is really making me happy!!

If you would like to see more pics from the retreat, just click here.

Until Next Time...

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