Saturday, July 27, 2013

Day 5...

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was a very productive day and another gorgeous day in Montana.  I swear that Judy ordered this weather up for all of her Certified Shops. Thank you!  

I took TONS of photos yesterday and added them to the album here, but had a difficult time choosing which ones to put in this blog post.  So here are the ones I chose.

Ardelle and Roger Kerr gave us all a fantastic quilt show over the balcony of the house.  This Cactus Rose quilt that Ardelle made just blows me away.  I LOVE it!!  

Judy did many demos and talks today.  Here she is demoing her Wedding Ring technique.  As you can see we hang on her every word.

Roger and I are so CLOSE to completing our Feathered stars.  This one is his.  When I left last night I still had enough to keep me busy today, but I have a feeling that Roger will not go to sleep until his is complete.

Judy going over kitting, fabric selections, color, etc.  Don't you just love all these fabrics in one place!

Ahhhh... the draw back of paper piecing... You have to remove the paper!

Ardelle and Roger's walls.  They are looking great!

Here is where I stopped for the night.  I have almost 4 corners done.  I just have to join a few more pieces and then we are ready for the happy dance!

Sally's scrumptious purple/jewel tone Mariner's Compass.

Carol's Fall Foliage Mariner's Compass.

My buddy Denise... an over achiever working on multiple quilts at one time.  They are fabulous, Denise... hurry though and finish it up!

Shahena, working on her ropes for the Mariner's Compass.  Loving the colors here.

My best buddy and partner in crime, Ginny is still working hard on her Captain's Wheel.  What is taking you so long Ginny?  Oh wait... that is right, no directions!  LOL!

And look what I spied just across the street from us and perched on a tree by the lake... an Osprey.  Beautiful! 

I know my goal was to get my quilt done today, but I am almost there... So stay tuned!  In the meantime, check out the photos here... 

Until Next Time...



Anonymous said...

your goal was to finish the quilt and you WILL.... but one can not have a goal to capture picture of Osprey on top of a tree with beautiful surround.... so seems to me you got the GREAT picture and the quilt will come along.... win win win....

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing all those pictures over the last days. They are all so fabulous, what a creative group you all are.
I esp love the colors on your quilt, although the others are stunning too. Just a matter of 'taste in colors' LOL
I have to mention the cactus rose quilt: breath taking!

Have a great weekend,

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

beautiful quilts and I love that table of fabric!! you will be ready for a rest when you are home I bet because although this is fun I bet you will be tired!

Queenie Believe said...

Beautiful work by all! A wonderful week of learning and creativity.
Have a great day.
Always, Queenie

Michele said...

Oh my! I'm floored by all of them.

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