Sunday, November 3, 2013

Different Perspectives

Hello Everyone,

On Thursday, I taught the last session of the Indian Summer Quilt Class in my classroom studio.  It was great to see these quilts coming together.  But they are so totally different.  These two quilters looked at this design in totally different ways.  You will see from the fabrics that they chose.  Very uniquely different and it gives the quilt a new perspective.

The day began with them laying out the design on the wall so that they could determine how they wanted the colors to flow.  This one is more of the bright and jewel tones.

These strips were chosen to be used for the pieced border.  Aren't they yummy??

This is the second quilt.  A totally different look by keeping one fabric a consistent color throughout and only changing the alternate fabric.  She decided to do a color wash type layout.  It looks great!

Here is the first quilt with the border strips laid out in the order that they will be pieced.  I am in love with this color way... but this shouldn't surprise you right?  I love color.

Here is the second quilt with the border strips.  This is also unbelievable too.  Love the colors chosen.

To see more photos from this class, click here.
To order the pattern or kit for this quilt, click here.

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