Monday, March 11, 2013

Come Sail Away

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was class number 3 for the Mariner's Compass that I am teaching in New York.  Let me tell you these ladies are fantastic!!  They are making phenomenal progress.  Today's class we made the sails and the Compass Rose.

Here are some images of what the ladies have completed thus far.

Love this bright and bold version.... but you know me, I do bright and bold often!

This is another version of bright and bold as well.  Love this one too! 

Okay, I am beginning to sound redundant... I love this one!

And oooooo... how about this one!



All the Compass Roses are complete for this one!  Just beautiful!  

I hope you are all enjoying the progress photos.  You can see many more photos of their progress by clicking here.

Until Next Time...

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