Sunday, February 3, 2013

The Beginning of Glaciers

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was my very first "Official" class at my new studio in Winsted, CT!!  This class is the Glacier Star Technique of the Month.  I had a full house with lots of wonderful ladies participating.

As per usual, I had an opportunity to walk through the class as the ladies were sewing and take some photos of their fabrics and their progress.

Let's take a tour.

This is the front of the classroom where I hung my sample to show the technique that we would be working on this month.

Pretty pile of fabrics!  Beautiful colors!

A swatch page.

More pretties... non batiks!

LOVE the brights!

A beautifully laid out swatch page.

Another gorgeous color way.

Four units done! Whew!!

The ladies hard at work... notice the half eaten apple on my table... I was looking for that!

Four more units done.

A whole block!!

Two done!

Donna made a wonderful NY Beauty!  Well done!

A nice combination!

Edie finished a beauty too!

Wait a minute... Where did these come from???   Anne brought along these little pouches that she had made... how fun are these??  The best part was that she sells these!! I purchased one for a special someone.

So you never know what is going to happen in class.  It was a fun day!!

Until Next Time...

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