Friday, May 20, 2011

Playing With Silks... Again!!

Hello Everyone,

So a little while ago, Julie had asked me to make a little block for her White Coat Project. As many of you know, life happened here at Canton Village Quilt Works, and I couldn't get my act together. But none the less, I had something in my mind... silks!! Most of you know I have a "not so secret" affection for silks.

Oh yes, silks will be just the thing to jazz up her white lab coat. How cool would that be to have silks on your lab coat? Really cool, at least I think so! I hope she does too.

The block doesn't need to be too big, but I think it definitely needs to be a little wonky. So these are some of my little pieces leftover from my Lil' Twister project. They are going into this block.

So far this is what I have... but definitely more "wonk" to come. Plus it is too small as is, it is growing.

Aren't the silks wonderful? I do enjoy the look and the feel! Stay tuned for the final block!

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Until Next Time...



PatSloan said...

i'm going to need to do that sometime!

Nifty Quilts said...

Beautiful, vibrant colors. I'll be watching it grow!

Kim said...

It will be beautiful....But washable too? Lab coats get very frequent washings.

Happy sewing

Mary Keasler said...

Yum-yum. More silk. I have rarely used any silks, but you are so tempting me to give them more chances

Selvage Quilter said...

Are you using fusible interfaacing or no? I'm liking this design.

Jill Chapman said...

So bright and beautiful. I love silks!

Retrogirl said...

Oh Jackie! Lovely block, as always. Your fabrics look fantastic....LOVE the silks but am admittedly skiddish about giving them a try. Any suggestions for making them a little easier to work with??
Happy Stitching,

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