Monday, January 14, 2008

Snow, Meatballs, Kids, and Quilts

Today was a fun and productive day. The forecasters here had been predicting a big Nor'easter for several days. In this area they had predicted 8-14 inches, it turned out more like 6 inches. It actually is quite pretty, even though I don't like it so much. This was the view off of my deck, nice!
Because of the snow, the kids were home from school today. They slept late which gave me the opportunity to watch Simply Quilts and complete the hand sewing of some binding. As I was finishing, they were waking up.

Then it was on to completing the quilting on a customer's 2 quilts which you can see here under recent additions. They truly are spectacular. I especially love the bright one. I am of course partial to brightly colored quilts and also 30's. But, if you've been reading my blog, you already know this fact.

Once I finished these quilts, it was then onto making my famous meatballs and sauce. Yes, I make them from scratch and they are usually devoured quickly. I bake them first on a roasting pan to get any fat out. Then when they are done, I put them in the sauce to finish cooking and add some more flavor to the sauce. They are going to be accompanied by ravioli's and a salad for dinner. MMMMMM.....Good!!
Now, I am off for the night and just going to relax!! See you soon.



Anonymous said...

That snow looks so amazing - we are in sweltering heat here in Australia and it makes it feel like a world away from you! Those meatballs look darned good though!! Yummo - hope you enjoyed them!!!

Locket Pocket said...

Hi - Thanks for visiting my blog! I wish we had the chance to watch quilting programmes over here - I'm very jealous! Lucy x

Anonymous said...

Hello from Wisconsin! The view out my window looks very similar with all that snow! We had a really big melt here last week, but this week freezing again.

I found your blog via Connie's blog and thought I would say hello! I started blogging about the time you did. You can visit mine too. You do really nice work! I WISH I knew how to use a long arm/have a long arm. Maybe someday :o) - Colleen

Annie B said...

delighted to find your blog. I LOVE 30s fabrics too, and quilting. But am just a novice so is nice to see stuff to aspire to. I really like the quilt in your profile picture.

(the meatballs look good too!)

I've subbed you so will be back

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