Thursday, January 24, 2008

Can You Guess What's In The Box????

I thought I would have a little contest. The person who can guess (most accurately) what is in the box will win a little prize from me!! Woo Hoo!! So a couple of hints for you is the box.It came back to me in the mail yesterday. It has to do with the fabric and project I mentioned in my January 7th post. Yes, go back and check it out. If you are truly a detective you can figure it out from other things that are on my blog....hmmmm, what could they be???

Here is an extra added bonus, if you can guess what my cat Rolo is doing in this picture, I will send an extra little surprise.
Well, good luck to all and by they way the deadline date will be January 31st. So think fast!!

Have a great night, Jackie



PamKittyMorning said...

Well I'm not a genius. Some big quilt you've never seen done in thirties. I can't even imagine.. hints on the blog. And the cat.. man that's a toughie.. maybe shutting the drawer? Laying on a toy? Diverting our attention away from a box??? Its not a bargello quilt is it? And if it was, what would be in the box.

Annie B said...

hmmm, nope, no good...all I can think of is "more 30s fabric" maybe more light stuff - but why in a big box? stumped!
cat - scratching back - surely?

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