Sunday, December 2, 2007

Success and More......

Well, I had success in uploading the pictures to the previous post. But I also wanted to add one more. This one is how I used the smaller book case to hold my pantographs for my Gammill and some additional books.

I just used this one vertically instead of horizontal as I did under the window in my dormer. I hope that these pictures will help to inspire some of you who may need to organize better. I know I did and whew, boy do I feel better!!

Have a great weekend!




Anonymous said...

Hi, I've really enjoyed browsing around your blog. Your work is absolutely beautiful. I love quilts, but I've never quilted, and sewn very little. Lately, though, I cut squares out of all my favorite t-shirts from highschool and decided I would start quilting them as a keepsake. Any quick advice for a very-much amateur beginner? If you have time to reply, leave a comment on my blog at Thanks so much!

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