Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Finally...My Statler is Here!!!!

First, I must apologize. I have not made a post in over a week, but I have been a very busy girl. My Gammill Statler Stitcher is here!!! So all of last week, I was training on the computer part. I have the longarm part down pat after doing it for 8 YEARS...Wow!! Here is a wonderful picture of my new machine, a wonderful sight to behold!

After playing a little bit, I did do a quilt on it and
I have to say it came out pretty nice. It was a Chinese Coin quilt that I made up on my retreat just for the purpose of being the 1st to run on the Statler. Here it is.... and here is a picture of a close up as well.

I am really having fun with the machine. I was able to do a customer's quilt, a custom job after mine and it came out just lovely. I love the Statler's ability to resize a design without having to do it manually as I did before. Ahh, the freedom of it all!!

I can't wait to get more quilts done!! I have a few more customer's quilts to get out before Christmas and then during the holiday's I think that I will work on some of my own quilt tops that need to be quilted!! WooHoo! To think that those tops will become quilts!!

I also am officially a sales rep for Gammill, if I mentioned this before I am sorry, but I am excited. I have my first customer appointment on Monday. Yeah!! Wish me luck!!

By the way thanks, Julie, Brian, Holly, and Wayne...you are great!

Check back soon for some more pictures.

All my best, Jackie

PS. Don't forget to click on the pictures to enlarge them.


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