Thursday, December 13, 2007

Another Happy Customer!!

Well, I am loving my Gammill Statler and I have a few more pictures to prove that I am coming along just fine. Here are some closeups of Kristy's quilt.

This one is of a feathered wrea
th that I set in on all the diamond blocks on her quilt. She loved it, as did I. Doing it the computerized way was much easier than sizing it the old way. This next image is a close up of the scallop on the border, the sashing and a triangle. Not bad!

This image is of the cornerstone, borders an
d sashing. I love it! It is a cinch to do....woohoo!!

The last image is of my happy customer Kristy! I believe this quilt is a gift for her mother in law for Christmas. I think that she is going to be one happy camper. I would love to receive something that is this thoughtful.

As promised, to Julie and Brian, I have added their website to my links on my left side bar. Check it out ...they are awesome!!

Well, right now we are buried in snow and the kids are outside shoveling and snow blowing. My husband has had a difficult night trying to get home from work, hopefully he will be home sometime carefully honey!! So I think this might be a good time for me to go up to my studio and work on some quilting...

Bye for now!!



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