Sunday, November 4, 2007

Yellow Brick Road Layout

This morning I played with one of the quilts on my to do flannel Yellow Brick Road. I had to create a new flannel quilt (a quick one) because the only other one that I have made has been loved by my kids and husband and is showing its age (11 yrs). Therefore a new one is in the works and couldn't be more timely. The winter is coming!!!

This fabric is from a new collection that the local quilt shop.. Gone Quilting has, it is called Sachet. I just loved the colors even though they don't match my living room.

So I thought tonight that I would start sewing the rows together. What do you think of the layout? Should any blocks be moved? Click on the picture to enlarge it if you would like. I tend to be a random gal and it doesn't matter too much to me. This quilt is going to be well loved and I don't think that my kids really care about the layout.

Now I just hope that this will stay in place and my cats don't have a say in the positioning of the blocks. Normally they do!! Let me know your thoughts!!

Luv ya,




Sweet P said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I like the layout you have for your quilt.

So, a curious mind wants to know, how did you become a Red Sox fan do you live in New England?

PS - Welcome to blog land. You'll like it here.

Anonymous said...

Blog look good - quilt looks great! Good luck with both.

Unknown said...

Yes, my whole family are avid Red Sox fans and we go to at least 6 games per season. We live in CT. As you know there is a division in CT, but we are on the RIGHT side.

I really liked your blog as well and will continue to visit.

Thanks for the compliments

Shirleyquilts said...

Jackie, I like the layout. My only comment is that you might want to move one of the blocks with the very dark fabric (is it brown) to the bottom row.

Just saw the Cars quilt for Owen, and I LOVE it! Thanks as always for a great job.

How about telling us more about the new Gammill machine you're getting?

Unknown said...

Great idea, Shirley!! After taking a second look, I think you are right about bringing a darker one down to the bottom. Will do!!

I think that I will definitely do a post about my new Gammill Statler Stitcher. Thanks for the suggestion.

julie said...

Great job kiddo......Your quilts are beautiful and life time treasures, just like you.........

Love ya,

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