Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Packed and Ready to Go!!!!!

Today is the day, I am going on my yearly quilt retreat with my friends!!! Yahoooooo!!! As soon as my hubby gets home I am going. I have the GPS set and bags packed. I can't wait to get some quality quilting time in and projects complete.

As you can see my projects are in my box, I know that I have plenty to do and get done. What do you think, am I too optimistic in thinking that I will get all the projects I am bringing done during the course of the weekend? Remember it is non-stop sewing time. Well, we do break to eat or to walk on the beach. But not for long!! All I have to do now is go run some errands to get some goodies for my pals. I know they are going to bring some UNHEATHY snacks, so I thought I would get some fruit.

Everything else is set kids, hubby, cats, laundry, house....just waiting to go.

Talk to you Monday...hopefully with some pictures,


PS. I posted another picture of one of my quilts on the left sidebar. Take a peek.



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