Saturday, September 28, 2013


On Thursday, I taught a Semi-Private class on paper piecing.  I had two fabulous students who wanted to learn the pattern Indian Summer.

Wonderful batiks all stacked and ready to cut.

All cut and sorted.

Some of the trimmings.

Look at these great binder clips that were used.  If you are wondering why binder clips... These keep the stacks of cut fabric in order from the way that they were cut.  Great little tip!

Organized in the order that they will be sewn.

Oh yeah... here is my sample and what the quilt will look like when done.  It is a great beginner quilt, no curves yet you get perfect sharp points!!

These are all lined up and ready to go too!!

Roberta is trimming her blocks up.

Success!! These gorgeous units were done very easily!  Now at the next class we will be working on their borders, but they have to finish their homework first!

You can find this pattern and the kit with the exact same fabrics that are shown in my sample by clicking here.

Until Next Time...

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