Saturday, May 11, 2013

Second Garden Walk

Hello Everyone,

Yesterday was another banner day here... Sunny and 75!!  Another walk in the garden was called for because different things were in bloom.  I LOVE this time of year.

Look at the color of this gorgeous tulip in my garden... there is a quilt in the waiting!

My lilacs are blooming and they are soooo fragrant!  I have three different varieties too.  This one is your regular old run of the mill lilac... simply stunning.  The last time I showed these beauties, they were just buds... click here to take a peek.

Remember the last walk through my garden?  Remember the height the peonies were?  Now look at them!  They are taking off.  Click here to see the last photo I took of them.

My dark, dark purple lilacs are just about to bloom.  These sit on a different side of the house than the first photo.  Those lilacs sit on the south side, which explains why they are blooming right now.

My pink azaleas are now in bloom!  Glorious!!

I am tickled pink that my cherry tree is blooming.  It suffered a bit of damage from the October storms.  The shape of the tree is somewhat of an L right now.  But I am okay with that because it looks just beautiful!!

This is my Kerria Japonica, the cultivar is Pleniflora.  I love these little pom-pom like flowers. This plant has grown so much over the years and graces the end of our driveway.  Nice to come home to when we are out.

Don't you just love this time of year???

Until Next Time...



Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

my azaleas are at the not good looking stage right now and falling apart I wish they lasted longer. Love, love lilacs!

Anonymous said...

Not only do your flowers look grand.... I know your lilacs smell wonderful as well. What passes as a southern lilac does not have any fragrance.

MAUREEN said...

I don't miss the snow, but I certainly miss springtime and all the new growth and flowers. Mmmmm I can almost smell your lilacs!

Nedra said...

Beautiful, Jackie! It's supposed to hover around 102 degrees next week here in AZ, and I'm not ready. You will find me hibernating very soon. At least it allows me to quilt!

Cathi said...

What a stunning garden you have! I feel like I can almost smell the lilacs - my favourite flowers!
Thank you for taking us on the garden walk!

Kim said...

Not only are you super quilter you are quite the gardener, what a lovely collection of beautiful plants you have put together. Spring is just divine, a reward for all those gray days of winter!

Happy Mother's Day Jackie

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