Sunday, September 25, 2011

Today Is The Day... The First BOM Block Is Available!!

Hello Everyone,

Today the first block and tutorial is available for the BOM!! I am very excited about it and can't wait to see what you will all come up with.

All you need to do is click on over to see my friend Sherri at A Quilting Life and you will find all the instructions that you need for Block #1. Just click here.

Don't forget to post photos of your finished block to the Flickr group once it is complete. Just click here to join the group.

Also, if you have a blog, you can link below to your blog post about your BOM!

Don't forget, you can always click on the BOM button on anyone's blog to go back to the original post with all the instructions and links at any time to find the blogger posting the block for that month.

Scroll down to link up!


Until Next Time...



Abby and Stephanie said...

I just saw Sherri's block. Terrific. I need to decide on my fabric. Hope you got the photo of my block. It'll be in the mail on Monday.

antique quilter said...

great fabrics...this is going to be fun watching everyones bom grow!

Krista said...

The first block looks great. I can't wait to get started.

One request for you. It would be helpful, I think, if you posted a link to the specific blog post with the block instructions. I know I won't always be here on the 25th to have a look, and if the links go just to the main blog that means we have to work back through all the posts to find it.

Unknown said...

Hi Krista,

You don't have to scroll back. The reason for the "Blog Button" for the BOM is that you can click on that button on any blog, including mine and it will always take you back to the main post with ALL the links for each month. That way you never have to search. Easy Peasy.

Hope this helps. Jackie

Kim said...

Nice Jackie! I'm hoping to jump in.

I've been looking for info on your site about Karen's workshop with salvages in Nov., can you tell me more?

Happy Sewing

Elzaan said...

Lovely blog from Sherri to start this great BOM with.
Thanks again Jackie for hosting this.

Donna said...

Oh how I wish my fabric had already arrived! :-)

The Little Shop of Stitches said...

Such a great idea! Can't wait to see what comes next!

Donna said...

Sherri's block was such fun! Her instructions are so clear. Thanks for putting the BOM together. Happy quilting!

ellison01 said...

Really enjoyed the first block, can't wait for more!

I do have a concern that I hope Jackie will address. Sherri's block came out to 8", the original post states that all blocks will be 8.5" Is this going to be a problem or will all blocks be 8"?


Lucy | Charm About You said...

Great instructions and I put it together ok but my fabric choices turned out a bit ugly!! I may have to make an ugly quilt! :)

Mary said...

Thanks for the BOM Jackie, I made a block that will also work for my Block Lotto Blog this month also. I posted the picture to the Flicker group, hope you like it.

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