Friday, October 5, 2012

Cathedral Window Blocks

Hello Everyone,

You might have wondered why I have been away from my blog for a little bit?  Two words... hand work.  

I must say I am a bad bee member.  Several months ago, Stephanie from Peas In A Pod, had sent us instructions on making some Cathedral Window blocks for the Two's Company Bee.  I must confess... even though I was busy as a bee for the summer months and with the quilt show, these blocks frightened intrigued me.  While I had all intentions of doing them the first week month that I received them, that came to pass.  I hang my head very low... :(

But, now that the quilt show is over and things are starting to get back to some sense of normalcy, I devoted my time to get these blocks done and back to Stephanie.

I had success!!  These are now on their way back to her to add to her two color quilt.  I hope that they will enhance the quilt that you are making Stephanie and please accept my sincerest apologies for the delay.

A few things I learned while doing these blocks...

1.  Hand sewing is definitely slower than using the machine (not really a light bulb moment, I knew this already)
2.  I prefer machine sewing over hand sewing.  Although the one caveat is that I really LOVE hand sewing my binding down... go figure.
3.  These are really pretty blocks.
4.  I have a great admiration for quilters who make quilts totally by hand ~ AWESOME!
5.  I will NEVER make one of these quilts... sorry to disappoint.

But if any of you are so inclined to make one of these quilts, this is the book that Stephanie recommended.
 I must say that the instructions are very clear and concise.  So if you are so inclined to make one of these beauties... go for it!  Just be aware that it may take you a very long time.  Though I do think this is a great project to do while watching TV and riding in the car.

Hopefully now I will get back to some regularly scheduled blogging and oh, I need to do a podcast too!

Until Next Time...



Anita in Florida said...

Those blocks are lovely. I agree with you on #2...I also LOVE to hand sew my binding, but really don't like hand sewing at all!! Maybe that's because when I finally get to the binding I have a completed quilt!!

antique quilter said...

oh I could never make this quilt either! I do love the look but all that hand work not me, I love hearing the hummmmmm of my sewing machine! music to my ears!

Kati from Kati's Quilting said...

Beautiful blocks Jackie!I bet Stephanie was thrilled to get them! :)
I love hand sewing even though I prefer the machine because of speed. But when one is away from home for 2 weeks it's a very relaxing thing to do to satisfy the needs of sewing.

Abby and Stephanie said...

Definitely a visually intriguing block that makes a stunning quilt. I do not like to hand sew either. I may never hand piece anything. Your blocks are very pretty.

Rosa said...

This pattern caught my eye.Beautiful blocks!!
I haven´t tried this pattern,is in my to do list.

*karendianne. said...

I love this block and, even more, I enjoy that you stepped out and made it happen!!! Great post.

Venus de Hilo said...

I'm just the opposite: love to hand-sew most things, can't stand to do bindings by hand (all are finished b machine).

Cathedral Windows is so beautiful... and it's up there with bindings on the "dontwannas" list. Made a pillow cover a couple years ago and that was enough; can't imagine attempting an entire quilt. Very clever to get bee partners to help out!

Mommarock said...

Oh I most certainly wanna! It has always been on my list of quilts I want to make. I need me a big old bolt or two of muslin and some bright scraps to make mine. I should start saving. I love hand work. LOVE IT! Mmm those are some beautiful blocks you made, and it only pushes me to put that Cathedral Windows quilt further up my list. Beautiful!!

Cathi said...

I've always been intrigued by Cathedral Windows but have never had the courage to attempt it! Yours are absolutely gorgeous.

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