Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Love Mail!!

I have been so busy this week and my next few posts are definitely going to prove that. First off, I am very late in posting that my bunny arrived from Hannah at Gently Tip Toe. Not only did she make this very cute bunny that all my friends are loving, including myself, but she sent me a little goody box as well.My kids first noticed the goody box because there was lots of little candies in it, yes I have shared! She also put buttons, threads, bunny decorations, and shaped confetti. I love it all!! Thank you sooooo much Hannah.

I also received my order from Ella and Skysie Designs. I fell in love with these because of Peg at Happy in Quilting. I saw them here and just had to do them!! I also purchased the Violets R Blue as well. I can't wait to get started. Thanks Peg!!

As I said, I have been very busy, mostly quilting my customers quilts. You can see them here on my website. I will be adding more pictures later this week, so be sure to check back. I am also working on my April Newsletter, which will go out via e-mail hopefully later this week. If you are interested in reading it, please subscribe here.

In my next post, I will be showing you some scrumptious fabrics that my Sister-in-law brought for me from the Quilter's Heritage Celebration. Also, the quilt that I am creating with them. So as they say in T. V. land .......Stay Tuned!!!

Happy Quilting!!




Locket Pocket said...

Your goodies from Hannah are lovely! Thanks for taking part in this swap. Lucy x

Dandelion Quilts said...

Ohhh...goodies and the promise of a peek at some fabrics, I can't wait.

Anonymous said...

You are so talented! I really enjoy looking at your pictures on your website :)
I love your goodies and that bunny is adorable!!
Only 7 more days until I get to see my machine!! eek!

Eileen said...

Thatnks for showing your new treasures. Everything is so cute.

Yes, my calander pictures are by Diane Phalen. I'll add that next post.
And your website is wonderful. I went through your whole gallery with my cup of coffee this morning, saw your Chinese Coin quilt, simply gorgeous! Thanks for sharing that with me. I'm going to start gathering fabrics.

Thimbleanna said...

Such fun goodies you've received! Can't wait to see the fabrics!

Anonymous said...

Those little seed patterns are adorable! That is a great quilting idea. Wish I would have thought of it! Lol

Tine said...

What a wonderful surprise to get in the mail!

Dawn said...

Scrumptious fabrics---yum! Your entire blog is so yummy with all of your projects, quilts and fabulous fabrics.

susan said...

what caught my eye when you were answering a post at another blog? the wheels of mystery (or as some of my students call it, wheels of misery). this is one of my all time fav blocks. am working on a large queen size quilt with finished blocks of 6"...i have since purchased templates that are 9" and 12" but digilently work on the black and fall leaf colored flannel monster...i will get it done for next winter. really like those round things. kool blog

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