Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sewing With Friends and a Change in Projects

Sorry it has been a few days since my last post. I have been very busy. On Monday I started a new project. I needed a little break from my 30's project and it seems I am now doing the complete opposite. I started cutting the fabric on Sunday. I chose them all from my stash. It is a black, white, and red quilt. I am making it for a friend, but she doesn't know. Shhhhhhhh!!I then took the project to my quilting group on Monday and worked more on it there. I stayed longer than anyone else. I was on a mission!! However, my friends did bring some show and tell. June was working on this woven quilt. Yes, you heard right woven!! Isn't it great!! She even made her own Mola in the center!Then Jane was working on this turquoise quilt. She thought that it was blah and asked if she should appliqué turtles on top. We were all in agreement....add the turtles!! What do you think?
She was also working on seahorse appliqué for possibly the label. Very creative!!The other Jane was working on a Dear Jane. Jane working on a Dear Jane??? Yes. Anyway, here is a look at her project for the day.Justine was in and out of the room all day, but she was busy working on a table runner. Unfortunately, I did not get a picture of this, sorry Justine.

If you are wondering, yes this is the meeting of the J's....Jackie, June, Jane, Justine, Jane, and Julee (who wasn't there). We do have one P however....Pam. Even thought she is not a J we love her just the same.

I have also posted some new pictures of customer's quilts in my gallery on my website. Check them out here.

I do have quite a bit more done on my black, white, and red quilt. I just haven't taken the pictures. I promise I will and will post over the weekend. Until then.....

Happy Quilting



Anonymous said...

Yup, have to switch things up and make it fun and interesting! See... I want to switch it up and work on a civil war quilt, because I haven't done one yet. Happy sewing!

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